Success Story
Success Story


FUN-GI Games saw an overall ARPDAU increase of 25%1

House Flip


Increasing competition with MAX In-App Bidding creates a substantially higher return for publishers.



FUN-GI Games is an independent studio that designs games for growing brands.


Los Angeles, California


10-30 employees




FUN-GI needed to grow their revenue and make their monetization as efficient as possible so they could focus on game development.

FUN-GI’s ad monetization wasn’t providing them the revenue they knew they could get from their hit game, House Flip. House Flip has over 11 million downloads globally and is the #1 adventure game in the App Store in five countries.2, 3 FUN-GI was focused on finding a sustainable way for their small team to increase their revenue without too much maintenance.


FUN-GI increased competition with more bidders by integrating MAX In-App Bidding.

FUN-GI integrated MAX In-App Bidding and moved the House Flip user base to a version of their game that was 100% powered by MAX.

Using MAX’s A/B test solution, FUN-GI was able to assess the incremental impact of enabling multiple in-app bidders on their overall revenue and ARPDAU.

The Results

FUN-GI set up a MAX A/B test to switch from a waterfall-based integration to one where Meta Audience Network bid alongside AppLovin and AdColony.

Results stats
The geographic distribution of users was the same across each setup and there were no additional changes made to the monetization flow. MAX enabled in-app bidders to bid on all ad requests and compete alongside traditional mediated networks. This unified auction setup provided equal access to all inventory and drove more competition without adding the need for additional resources or management from FUN-GI’s nimble team.


Higher revenue

By coupling MAX with Meta Audience Network, FUN-GI optimized their monetization setup and drove an immediate ARPDAU lift of 25%.1

Increased efficiency

Integrating MAX allowed FUN-GI to amp up their monetization using their existing resources. This reduced the amount of work they had due to managing complex waterfalls and allowed them to focus more attention on developing games that players love.

Our partnership with the MAX team stepped up our game in rewarded video monetization.

They have been proactive in offering advice and solutions that helped maximize our ad revenue. And, MAX has enabled the FUN-GI team to focus our energies on game design and publishing while increasing our monetization.

Alfred Fung
FUN-GI Games

1 AppLovin platform: July 4, 2020 - July 18, 2020
2 Sensor Tower: November 1, 2017 - February 20, 2020
3 App Annie: January 24, 2019 - May 9, 2020

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