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Geisha Tokyo

Geisha Tokyo drove an incremental 30% ARPDAU increase on Traffic Run! 1

Geisha Tokyo moved to MAX In-App Bidding, resulting in continuous gains across their game.



Marketing Objective


Traffic Run!

Geisha Tokyo


Geisha Tokyo is a hit-making mobile game publisher creating fun and engaging games for an international audience.


Tokyo, Japan

Company Size

30 employees



Traffic Run!

Geisha Tokyo

The Challenge

Geisha Tokyo needs to test, build, and scale new games fast. To create great games with international appeal, they put a lot of time into building and maintaining sophisticated waterfalls as they focus on reaching scale with each title.

Geisha Tokyo had heard about a way to further increase monetization in their game Traffic Run! - MAX In-App Bidding. They wanted to grow revenue and reduce all the time they were spending to manually optimize their waterfall.

The Solution

Geisha Tokyo switched from a traditional waterfall-based ad monetization model to using MAX and enabled multiple bidders alongside AppLovin on Traffic Run!

By integrating MAX, Geisha Tokyo increased ARPDAU and saw a continuous increase in revenue:

  • First, after moving their existing setup to MAX, Geisha Tokyo received an immediate 10% ARPDAU lift due to reduced latency, resulting in higher impressions per DAU.1
  • Then, Geisha Tokyo saw an additional 21% ARPDAU lift by running several A/B tests with multiple in-app bidders and implementing waterfall recommendations provided by the AppLovin account teams.1

The Results

Geisha Tokyo recognized a more than 30% ARPDAU increase on Traffic Run! with MAX in-app bidding.1

Results stats
Having the right bidders in their monetization stack and moving all their new title launches to MAX to monetize with AppLovin allowed Geisha Tokyo to gain increased competition for each impression and make more money.

Geisha Tokyo now launches all new games with MAX to continuously maximize revenue in their titles Dinosaur Rampage, Rope Bowling, and all their latest hit games.

In Summary

Increased Transparency, Increased Revenue

MAX helped Geisha Tokyo get the right bidders in their stack to increase competition and drove an incremental 30% ARPDAU lift with more than half of the impressions coming from in-app bidders.1

Time Saved

Geisha Tokyo uses MAX on all new games to drive 360-degree growth so the team can spend their time where it matters.

With AppLovin, we knew we were working with a team that truly understands the needs of a gaming company from start to finish.

Whether we needed to improve game design, incorporate new networks, or improve UA - AppLovin provided us with advice and support to optimize our mediation. The team truly understands and invests in our business, and AppLovin makes their publishers’ growth a core priority of their business.

Kiyohisa Taguchi
Head of Marketing at Geisha Tokyo

1 AppLovin platform: May 26, 2019 - June 9, 2019

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