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Lion Studios

SparkLabs ignites Lion Studios expansion into the word category with #1 hit1

Lion launches their first word game Dingbats and leverages SparkLabs’ expertise in the genre to hit #1 in the word category in 33 countries1



Marketing Objective

Creative Optimization


Lion Studios


Lion Studios is a mobile games publishing studio based in San Francisco, California with offices across the globe. Their mission is to publish fun, entertaining games that are played all over the world.


San Francisco, CA

Company Size

70 employees




Lion Studios

The Challenge

Lion Studios needed a partner to successfully launch their first game in the word category. Until this point, most of their hit games were in the hyper-casual and idle genres.

Word games are very competitive and require a deep level of marketing expertise. Because these games appeal to a different demographic, it was important that Lion Studios worked with a partner like SparkLabs that had this creative marketing expertise. The creative team helped scale their new game, Dingbats, beyond their typical audience.

The Solution

Lion Studios teams up with SparkLabs to launch Dingbats with industry-leading, immersive video and playable ads

SparkLabs understands the word genre and creates high-quality, polished, and engaging video and playable ads for Dingbats. They possess a knowledge of best practices proven to work and are able to quickly test and produce creatives making Dingbats the #1 word game in the U.S.2

The Results

SparkLabs’ market-leading creatives boost Lion Studios’ Dingbats to the #1 word game in 33 countries including the US and UK.1

Results stats
The team at Lion Studios always experiments and tests new ad concepts to measure results. The SparkLabs team was able to step in to take these top concepts to the next level by dialing up the production value and making the ads more immersive and engaging.

In Summary

Quickly scale installs

SparkLabs’ market-leading creatives propelled Dingbats to the top of the word charts by increasing daily installs and install rates substantially.

Successful entry into word category

Dingbats is Lion Studios’ first word game. By leveraging SparkLabs’ extensive experience in this genre, Lion Studios entered a new category by using high quality creatives resulting in a #1 hit in the genre in 33 countries.1

The high-quality creatives from SparkLabs improved our ability to achieve scale and reach a new milestone for Lion Studios with a #1 hit with our first game in the word genre.

Katja Llach
Senior Director of Growth
Lion Studios

1 AppAnnie: January 21, 2021 to February 18, 2021
2 Sensor Tower: January 18, 2021 to March 8 , 2021
3 AppLovin platform January 19, 2021 to February 26, 2021

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