Success Story
Success Story

Magic Tavern

Fueled by AppLovin partnership, Project Makeover hits #1 in U.S. charts

Project Makeover

Magic Tavern

By leveraging AppDiscovery, AppLovin’s leading marketing software, along with creative expertise from SparkLabs, Magic Tavern’s Project Makeover reaches #1 in the global top-grossing and top download charts.1



Magic Tavern brings games to millions of motivated players. They’re inspired to deliver engaging games that anyone can pick up and enjoy. The studio has received numerous great reviews and was featured by Apple and Google.


Beijing, China






Magic Tavern wanted to expand Project Makeover profitably in key international markets like the U.S and Japan and needed the expertise and technology to make this possible.

To gain market share in the ultra-competitive match-three genre, Beijing-based Magic Tavern needed expertise and insights into their target markets. They needed a software solution built for maximizing campaigns to generate actual revenue—not just views or installs.


Magic Tavern leverages AppLovin marketing solution, AppDiscovery and SparkLabs’ creative expertise

Magic Tavern is able to spend more and drive incremental scale for Project Makeover, profitably, in over 140 countries by optimizing UA on AppDiscovery. Using a combination of advanced automation features, including IAP-based ROAS and cost per engagement campaigns, they are able to unlock additional inventory at the right price. SparkLabs quickly built engaging video and playable ads to engage the right users.2

The Results

AppLovin’s market leading software and SparkLabs’ creative expertise gives Magic Tavern an edge, pushing the game to become an enormous success by supercharging their marketing efforts.

Results stats
Magic Tavern was able to quickly scale Project Makeover in a cost-effective manner by using AppDiscovery’s advanced bidding models and market-leading creatives from SparkLabs. As a result, installs increased by 90% while cost per spender decreased by 60%.2


Launching a #1-grossing global success

Project Makeover shot up to the #1 grossing game in 24 countries and the #1 most downloaded game in 142 countries after leveraging AppLovin’s market-leading software solutions and creative expertise.1

Successful expansion into key foreign markets

AppLovin’s expertise in connecting Magic Tavern to international markets such as the U.S. and Japan, allowed Project Makeover to become a massive hit abroad with new audiences.

We’re thrilled that Project Makeover is a global success. We’ve been able to grow our business globally while maintaining positive ROAS. This makes us confident that we can achieve long-term sustainable success for our studio and titles.

Zack Zhao
Magic Tavern

1App Annie: November 20th, 2020 - April 20th, 2021
2AppLovin platform: December 25, 2020 - March 3, 2021

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