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Nox Joy

Nox Joy generates 90% ARPDAU lift and rockets Pin Rescue to the top of the charts1

By leveraging AppLovin’s integrated monetization and user acquisition solutions, Nox Joy quadrupled installs in Pin Rescue and expanded their business internationally into US, UK, Russia, and France.2



Marketing Objective

360 ApproachUser AcquisitionMonetization

Pin Rescue

Nox Joy


Nox Joy is a Chinese game studio looking to expand their games globally.


Beijing, China

Company Size

30 employees



Pin Rescue

Nox Joy

The Challenge

Given their small team and limited resources, Nox Joy needed a holistic approach to increase their monetization earnings and scale their user acquisition efforts in order to expand their business internationally

The Solution

Nox Joy partnered with AppLovin to leverage its technology to grow their business

By running A/B tests using MAX, Nox Joy’s LTV skyrocketed. With the incremental revenue they have generated on the monetization side, Nox Joy was able to spend more on Pin Rescue and scale their game’s total installs by 4X with AppDiscovery.2

The Results

By partnering with AppLovin, Nox Joy was able to grow their business internationally, taking it to the next level

Results stats
Key demand partners like Facebook Audience Network and AppLovin created a surge in competition, driving a massive lift in LTV. Nox Joy grew its global footprint, and redefined the trajectory of the overall business.

In Summary

Massive increase in LTV

Nox Joy’s Pin Rescue boosted ARPDAU by 90% with MAX’s competitive in-app bidding auctions and powerful A/B tests.1

Achieved profitability and scale internationally

Nox Joy doubled-down on their user acquisition efforts, which resulted in growing by 4X in less than 48 hours with AppDiscovery.2

The full platform support and partnership with AppLovin was invaluable for our growth. We were able to achieve our ROAS goals, reach global scale, and make more money. The partnership exceeded our expectations.

Yang Yang
Director of Monetization
Nox Joy

1 AppLovin platform: April 13, 2020 - June 8, 2020
2 AppLovin platform: September 9, 2020 - September 14, 2020

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