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Tripledot Studios recognized a 20% ARPDAU increase1

With MAX in-app bidding, Tripledot optimized monetization and reduced operational costs.



Marketing Objective





Tripledot reimagines classic games for a modern, mobile audience.



Company Size






The Challenge

Tripledot is always looking for ways to optimize and increase revenue on its popular games.

Having spent significant resources to optimize their ad stack, Tripledot wanted a solution that could increase their top line in a highly competitive industry. Specifically, they needed a way to focus more on game optimization and development, and less manual effort managing complex waterfalls. In addition, because their flagship title Solitaire naturally has longer session times, Tripledot knew that building competition for impressions without losing them was vital to their business.

The Solution

Tripledot decided to move Solitaire over to in-app bidding on MAX by AppLovin.

Once Tripledot made the switch to in-app bidding, the team immediately noticed improvements in the number of requests and an increased number of impressions they were receiving. By implementing suggested changes from the AppLovin team, and adding additional bidders — Tripledot saw an ARPDAU increase of 20% on their Solitaire game.1

The Results

Tripledot saw a 20% ARPDAU increase on their game by switching to MAX in-app bidding.1

Results stats
Tripledot Studios sees a 20% ARPDAU increase and higher impression numbers by integrating MAX

In Summary

Revenue Lift

In addition to a 20% ARPDAU lift on its Solitaire game, Tripledot saw an increased number of impressions and lower latency.1

Operational Time Saved

Tripledot’s team was able to shift their focus back to creating their next hit game instead of spending time managing complex waterfalls.

The AppLovin team is not only incredibly knowledgeable about how to achieve the best results with MAX, but they are also genuinely invested in the success of our company.

There’s a lot of hesitation in the market around in-app bidding, but if you’re going to work with AppLovin there is no cause for concern — they will make sure you have the right bidders in your stack and are not just looking to see an increase in the AppLovin network.

Akin Babayigit
Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder
Tripledot Studios

1 AppLovin platform: October 3, 2019 - December 3, 2019
2 Sensor Tower: March 5, 2019 - March 5, 2020

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