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AppLovin Cares: RiseUp Malawi

RiseUp Malawi provides educational opportunities to children and their families in rural Malawi. They do this primarily through after-school learning, scholarships, and farming training. Meghan Mathis, Director / Founder of RiseUp Malawi, talks about the partnership with AppLovin Cares. Together, they built a Community Center (the first of its kind for the 22,000 people in the six villages they serve) where 200 children now have after-school learning opportunities. AppLovin Cares helped the organization equip the Center with solar power so it is no longer dependent on the unstable electrical grid in Malawi which leaves whole areas without power at least one day a week. RiseUp Malawi dedicated 2022 to investing specifically in girls’ and women’s education. To get involved or donate, please visit, or connect with the organisation on social @riseup_malawi.

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