Ad Viewer Rate

What is ad-viewer rate?

Ad-viewer rate, also commonly referred to as engagement rate is the percentage of daily active users who engage with advertisements. This can be ad-unit specific or in aggregate across all ad units, so it’s important to specify how ad-viewer rate is measured when discussing.  

Why is ad-viewer rate important?

This is an important metric because its often used to measure the effectiveness of an ad unit’s placement, particularly with an opt-in format like rewarded video. If the reward or in-app location is not compelling, users will not be motivated to interact, and it will have a low ad-viewer rate. On the other hand, if a reward is compelling it will have a high ad-viewer rate. For rewarded video under 15% would be considered a poor ad-viewer rate while above 30% would be considered a strong ad-viewer rate.

How do I calculate ad-viewer rate? 

Ad-viewer rate = unique ad views/DAU

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