What is attribution?

Attribution is how mobile marketers know exactly what led users to their app or game, and how they interact with their brand. Attribution can often be a little muddled, so ensuring your partner or partners are right for your business is essential to optimizing your marketing spend. 

How does attribution work?

Attribution highlights the percentage of users that are coming from their other games, and which games are producing the most installs. There are attribution partners that can track different metrics or user events like clicks, in-app purchases (IAP), and installs to attribute them to marketers’ specific campaigns or channels. Being able to attribute certain actions to certain campaigns can tell a marketer what’s working and what isn’t, allowing iteration and improvement on attracting the right users that are coming back for more.

How do you pick the right attribution partner?

When looking to choose an attribution partner, be sure to find one that will help you attribute your marketing spend to tangible results. You will need to integrate your attribution partner’s SDK into your app, so be sure to consider the weight of each potential partner’s software development kit (SDK). There also might be some things you’d want in your attribution partner later, like the ability to provide historical data and unlimited application programming interface (API) requests.

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