User Level Attribution

What is user-level attribution?

Mobile attribution can be a muddled web, but remains a crucial component of making informed decisions about your monetization strategies.

User-level mobile attribution can inform developers what percentage of users are coming from their other apps or games and which apps are producing the most installs. Attribution is the only way mobile marketers can make decisions rooted in data in order to optimize their marketing spend.

What are the benefits of user-level revenue attribution?

  • MAX users can share user-level and impression-level ad revenue data with their mobile measurement partner of choice — like AppsFlyer or Adjust — easily gaining access to a granular view into how different sources and campaigns measure up against one another. User-level ad revenue unlocks accurate return on ad spend, or ROAS for short, calculation.
  • With MAX user-level data, developers get a clearer picture of metrics like ARPDAU, LTV, and more while looking at both IAP and ad revenue through one view. Marketers can create more effective monetization strategies, and continue to attract high-quality users.

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