What is a tracker?

In mobile measurement, a tracker is a link inserted into a campaign by an advertiser so they can measure the campaign’s performance. The tracker allows the advertiser to learn how many clicks and impressions a campaign generates and show how efficiently users convert. Trackers also provide information on the users who convert, allowing marketers to analyze their data and activity throughout the mobile marketing funnel.

Why are trackers important?

Trackers provide advertisers and marketers with the granular data necessary to assess advertising performance and use this information to understand, improve, and optimize their marketing strategy.

When trackers are used in conjunction with a focused attribution and analytics effort, they help advertisers identify the most valuable users, which in turn can be fed back into their targeting efforts. This is particularly important when companies scale up their user acquisition, ensuring that they are only increasing their ad spend with networks that will improve ROAS.

A properly constructed tracking structure allows advertisers to easily compare performance across networks and partners, enabling advertisers to spend their budgets more efficiently and ensure they can strategically expand their mobile marketing campaigns.

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