BIGO Tech partnered with AppLovin and increased D1 retention over 60%1 on iOS

Leveraging AppDiscovery’s event-optimized campaigns for engaged users, BIGO Tech grew U.S. iOS installs by an average of 40%2 MoM, increased D1 retention rate, and improved D7 ROAS by more than 50%3.



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition


Bigo Tech


BIGO Technology (BIGO) is one of the fastest-growing Singapore technology companies, with more than 30 offices and 6 R&D centers around the world. BIGO’s video-based products and services have gained immense popularity, with nearly 400 million downloads and 20 million monthly active users in more than 150 countries.



Company Size

2250 Employees




Bigo Tech

The Challenge

BIGO needed a partner with global reach and expertise in key international markets to find additional scale opportunities outside of social platforms.

In the highly competitive social video industry, BIGO needed to broaden their acquisition mix and find profitable scale opportunities in tier 1 geos, particularly the U.S., to ensure long-term business success.

The Solution

BIGO used AppDiscovery’s advanced automation campaigns to acquire high-value new users, increase retention rates, and hit ROAS goals.

After running initial test campaigns on AppLovin’s network, BIGO saw huge potential in a long-term partnership. Moving to event-optimized campaigns allowed them to scale and optimize based on engaged users. For BIGO, this middle-funnel event is predictive of user-activity and a higher LTV, which enables them to optimize for new high-value users to profitably scale and grow.

The Results

AppLovin’s software enabled BIGO to automate user acquisition campaigns and profitably grow iOS installs by an average of 40%2 MoM during Q3 2021

Results stats
With the help of event-based campaigns, BIGO succeeded in acquiring high-value users to ensure a positive ROAS, long-term user activity, and scale efficiently without increasing workload.

Optimizing campaigns for their most valuable middle-funnel event enabled BIGO to gradually invest more in user acquisition and increase installs MoM.

In Summary

High performance with advanced automation

BIGO used AppDiscovery’s event-optimized campaigns for engaged users to acquire new, high LTV users at a profitable price point and to successfully scale their UA campaigns.

Driving long-term business success

Partnering with AppLovin has enabled BIGO to broaden their acquisition strategy by adding a powerful source of high-value users.

We are happy with our partnership with AppLovin. AppDiscovery’s advanced automation campaigns allow us to optimize for our most valuable middle-funnel events, profitably grow our user-base, and scale at a controlled pace.

Jin Cheng
Traffic Operations Director
BIGO Technology

1Source: AppsFlyer Dash [01st June - 30th September 2021]
2Source: AppLovin Platform [01st June - 30th September 2021]
3Source: AppsFlyer Dash [01st August - 30th September 2021]

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