Enerjoy found their most valuable users through AppDiscovery

AppDiscovery’s CPP and ROAS campaigns enabled Enerjoy to tap into new scale, delivering valuable subscribers at efficient costs and in unexpected new geos.


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Marketing Objective

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Enerjoy is a leading studio specializing in the intersection of sleep, fitness, and self-care to foster holistic wellness. Their apps, ShutEye, Me+, and JustFit, consistently rank in the top 10 in the Health & Fitness category on the App Store in the US, with ShutEye ranking #1.



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The Challenge

Profitable, global subscriber expansion

Enerjoy looked to unlock new growth for their leading health and fitness apps, ShutEye, Me+, and JustFit, by acquiring incremental subscribers wherever they are in the world.

To do so, they needed a UA solution that combines significant global scale with highly accurate user targeting. Because Enerjoy prioritizes sustainable and ROAS-positive growth, they aimed to attract users who would not just download their apps, but go on to sign up for subscriptions.

The Solution

AppDiscovery’s CPP and ROAS campaigns delivered untapped global scale

Enerjoy ran Cost Per Purchase (CPP) campaigns in parallel with ROAS campaigns. This allowed them to target subsets of users with different, but complementary, growth curves, maximizing overall growth potential.

AppLovin’s growth experts helped the Enerjoy team set ambitious, scalable campaign goals. Thanks to the advanced targeting capabilities of AppDiscovery's AI-driven advertising engine, Enerjoy efficiently reached subscribers through automated, self-optimizing campaigns that enabled rapid scalability.

To access completely new audiences, Enerjoy looked beyond their traditional focus on the US market. They expanded their campaigns to 40+ new countries using a single, global budget rather than managing numerous geo-specific budgets. In addition to helping Enerjoy surpass their goals, this diversification helped to balance performance fluctuations associated with running campaigns in only a small number of countries. Many of Enerjoy’s new high-value subscribers came from growth markets like India, which might be overlooked with a traditional UA strategy.

The Results

Enerjoy significantly increased UA volume while driving down costs

Results stats
After adopting a multi-campaign strategy and expanding to over 40 countries, Enerjoy’s most popular app, ShutEye, increased installs by more than 14x. Previously, the majority of ShutEye’s users came from the US. Now, non-US geos account for nearly a third of the app’s installs. This increase in volume did not come at the expense of efficiency: D7 ROAS increased 15% over the same time period, and cost per purchase decreased by 20%.

AppDiscovery not only became one of Enerjoy’s largest UA partners, but the quality of users delivered by AppDiscovery proved to be exceptionally high. Users Enerjoy acquired through AppDiscovery generate 23% more revenue per user than those acquired through other channels.3

In Summary

Scaled globally while improving ROAS

AppDiscovery’s highly accurate AI-powered user targeting enabled Enerjoy to expand to 40+ countries and increase installs 14x—all while increasing D7 ROAS by 15%.

Major source of new subscribers

AppDiscovery became a top-3 UA channel for Enerjoy in terms of install volume and users acquired via AppDiscovery generate 23% more revenue compared to their other channels.

The users we acquire with AppDiscovery are the highest quality of all our channels.

AppDiscovery’s technology is exceptionally effective at finding users who will sign up for subscriptions in our apps. Because the platform’s scale is so vast, we’re finding these users in large numbers — including in tier 2 geos we hadn’t previously considered. We’re looking forward to continued success with AppLovin, including scaling new apps and expanding our ROAS campaigns to CTV, a channel we’re seeing a lot of promise in.

Betty He
Chief Marketing Officer

1AppLovin: YoY, Feb 2023 to Feb 2024
2AppLovin: YoY, Feb 2023 to Feb 2024
3Enerjoy: Feb 1–21, 2024

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