Mode Mobile increased D90 ROAS by 93% and lowered their acquisition costs

AppDiscovery’s AI advancements took Mode Mobile’s campaign performance to new heights while allowing them to quickly launch and scale a low-funnel event-optimized campaign type.



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition

Mode Mobile


Mode Mobile’s rewards-based app, Mode Earn App, provides millions of users with opportunities to earn money from daily activities like listening to music, playing games, reading the news, shopping, and completing surveys. The rewards engine that powers Mode Earn App also powers the Mode Earn Phone, a smartphone that pays for itself with rewards-based activity. Mode Mobile has helped users earn and save over $100 million dollars to date, empowering them to profit from what they do with their time and attention.


Chicago, USA

Company Size




Mode Mobile

The Challenge

Find budget-conscious consumers eager to earn rewards through everyday mobile activities

Mode Mobile has a loyal user base but wanted to grow this rewards-motivated audience at a reasonable cost. They needed to discover new networks with advanced targeting capabilities that would enable them to grow sustainably and hit their goals.

Mode Mobile recognized that employing a multi-campaign strategy could allow them to attract incremental and complementary users. However, they faced limitations in terms of bandwidth and resources required to launch and manage new campaigns.

The Solution

Mode Mobile partnered with AppLovin to drive profitable user acquisition growth

Using AppDiscovery’s event optimized (CPE) campaigns, Mode Mobile was able to focus their marketing efforts on users that were predicted to reach their target milestone, which directionally indicates a healthy return on ad spend through high ad engagement. As time passed, AppDiscovery’s machine-learning technology drove optimizations that allowed Mode Mobile to acquire high-value users at better cost efficiency (CPE) so their marketing dollars would go further. The strong returns encouraged greater spending on the platform and allowed them to capitalize on the profitable growth.

Since their campaign first launched, AppDiscovery made advancements to its AI technology that significantly boosted Mode Mobile’s campaign performance by finding higher-value users at better cost efficiency (CPE) so their marketing dollars would go further.

At the same time, these advancements reduced the amount of time and data required to train the AI models. This allowed Mode Mobile to launch another CPE campaign for a much lower-funnel event and reach goals in a matter of days. The newer campaign targeted their Core Redeemer event – or users that will unlock 3,000 rewards points, receive a gift card, and then use that gift card in the app.

The Results

AppDiscovery’s AI advancements created a more accurate system, providing Mode Mobile greater control in finding its niche consumer. At the same time, these upgrades reduced the barriers to launching a multi-campaign strategy and empowered Mode Mobile to optimize toward a much lower-funnel event.

Results stats
Within a month of AppDiscovery integrating its AI advancements, Mode Mobile was able to nearly double its D90 ROAS while decreasing CPE by 27% and eCPI by 29%. As a result, AppDiscovery became one of Mode Mobile’s top-performing UA channels.

In Summary

Automated campaign optimization took marketing dollars further

AppDiscovery’s CPE campaigns helped Mode Mobile reach, target, and acquire users that would fall in love with their app, with increasing price efficiency and effectiveness.

The reduced calibration period made it easy to test and launch a multi-campaign strategy

AppDiscovery’s AI advancements eliminated barriers related to high-learning costs, allowing Mode Mobile to quickly launch a new CPE campaign, hit goals within ten days, and achieve remarkable performance gains over the first month.

AppLovin’s powerful AI targeting helped uncover new areas for growth.

We’ve seen a ton of growth resulting from AppDiscovery’s AI advancements. Our campaigns now yield higher LTV users while consistently aligning with our lower-funnel targets.

Previously, our focus was predominantly on a single high-performing CPE campaign. With AppDiscovery's AI advancements, we were able to launch a new campaign for a much lower-funnel event with a greatly reduced calibration phase. To our surprise, not only has the AI proved efficient in finding these coveted users, the multi-campaign strategy has proven complementary and incremental to our original CPE campaign.

Steve Dunkley
Director of Mobile User Acquisition

1AppLovin Platform: May to June 2023 [MoM]
2AppLovin Platform: January to December 2022

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