Bingo! Triwin hits the jackpot with AppDiscovery

Through a diversified user acquisition strategy and expansion into new geos, Triwin significantly elevated its standing in the casual casino gaming scene.



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition

Live Party Bingo



Triwin offers a variety of engaging mobile gaming titles, including casual casino games. Their diverse portfolio includes Live Party Bingo, a free multiplayer game blending Las Vegas thrill with casual play, reflecting Triwin’s commitment to creating community-centric gaming experiences.



Company Size




Live Party Bingo


The Challenge

Acquiring high-value users while achieving meaningful scale on iOS

Triwin monetizes Live Party Bingo primarily through in-app purchases. In the crowded ecosystem of casual casino gaming, maintaining a competitive presence is no small feat. For Triwin, success means efficiently expanding their user base at profitable price points and desirable return on ad spend (ROAS). Post-IDFA privacy policies make this challenge even more complex, as it is now more difficult to predict a user’s value and achieve profitable growth at scale. The goal was clear — Triwin needed a partner with accurate down-funnel user targeting to broaden their iOS user acquisition channels, as well as for the attracted users to be high quality and to contribute to Triwin’s ROAS goals.

The Solution

AppDiscovery’s AI engine enabled Triwin to explore new geos while consistently achieving iOS goals

By harnessing AppDiscovery’s automated campaigns, Triwin nimbly launched several advanced iOS campaigns focused on In-App Purchase Return On Ad Spend (IAP ROAS) and Cost Per Purchase (CPP). AppDiscovery allowed Triwin to flexibly target global markets and initiate new campaign types without incurring the hefty costs traditionally associated with such expansions. The outcome was a notable increase in user volume that met Triwin’s ROAS targets, achieving balanced growth of quality users in a competitive market. Additionally, Triwin worked with SparkLabs, AppLovin’s in-house creative team, to create a Multi-Interaction Playable (MIP) iteration for their playable iOS ads. This version became their 2nd highest spending creative.1 Triwin not only optimized their iOS campaigns via AppDiscovery, but also improved the iOS campaign creatives with SparkLabs, resulting in a high-performing playable ad.

The Results

Triwin increased user volume and met ROAS goals with AppDiscovery.

Results stats
Triwin utilized AppDiscovery’s quick learning to diversify several of their iOS campaigns alongside AppDiscovery’s global targeting. They were able to reach new markets and continually engage ideal, high-value iOS users. Additionally, their playable iOS ads — provided with support from SparkLabs — optimized user engagement, grew their daily app installs, and helped Live Party Bingo rise to the top 10 of all casino games.

In Summary

Increased volume while hitting goals

Triwin successfully scaled up their advertising efforts and grew their app through AppDiscovery - all while consistently achieving their ROAS targets. This balance between user volume increase and value efficiency played a significant role in advancing Triwin’s standing in the competitive casino gaming arena.

Quickly tested and optimized multiple campaign types

Focusing on CPP and IAP ROAS campaigns, Triwin was able to quickly optimize their multiple campaign types to attract a diverse set of high-value users across D0 and D7 app install windows. With AppDiscovery’s automated campaign optimization, they were also able to rapidly deploy and fine-tune their campaign types without meaningful cost increases, all while improving overall UA performance.

AppLovin helped us triple our growth.

AppDiscovery has been instrumental in our transitioning from a singular user acquisition campaign strategy to a diversified range of campaign types, tripling our new business growth, and positioning Triwin as a significant player in the casino gaming domain.

Edwin Xu
CEO & Founder of Triwin

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3 Sensor Tower, Top 10 Games

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