Ad Formats

Leverage multiple ad formats

Ad Specs

As part of our full service support, we optimize your creative to increase your campaign’s performance. Take a look at a variety of our formats and their corresponding specs.

Supported Sizes

  • Video
  • Playable
  • Native (1200×627)
  • Interstitial (1024×768, 768×1024)
  • Banner (320×50, 728×90)


  • Professional Design Team for ad edits and creation
  • A sample of your game that is built in-house and custom to your brand
  • Optimized for iOS and Android platforms
  • Auto Size: Span the width and height of any screen size
  • Dynamic HTML 5 templates to animate static images
  • Automatically pull branded icons from the app store into your ad

Video Ads

We offer both standard and reward video

Playable Ads

Playable Ads engage users with a sample of your game

Native Ads

We offer fully native ads that even support video

Interstitial Ads

(1024×768, 768×1024)

Banner Ads

(320×50, 728×90)