Fastic increases MoM profitability by 58% with AppLovin Partnership

After partnering with AppLovin, Fastic leverages leading marketing software, AppDiscovery, and increases scale by 125% with IAP ROAS Campaigns. Acquiring new, high-value users at a positive price point enables Fastic to grow profitability MoM by 58%.1


Fitness & Health

Marketing Objective

User Acquisition




Fastic is a dynamic, international company dedicated to revolutionizing holistic health with intermittent fasting. They believe fasting can help restore the balance in our world and cure overconsumption. Fastic is part of BRANCE, a startup studio for self-care brands, dedicated to inspiring and enabling billions of people to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Berlin, Germany

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The Challenge

Fastic needed a powerful user acquisition partner to help them increase scale, acquire new users profitably, and deliver tools for healthy fasting to a global audience.

After acquiring most of its users and finding stable scale on social platforms, Fastic wanted to broaden its acquisition mix. They wanted new sources in order to find additional growth opportunities while maintaining profitability. Since Fastic relies on IAPs to generate revenue, in order to experience long-term growth, they needed a partner with advanced campaign optimization tools to reach high-value users within their niche market.

The Solution

Fastic quickly scales with AppLovin’s solutions, leveraging AppDiscovery’s IAP ROAS campaigns to profitably acquire the right users.

After running initial test campaigns on AppLovin’s network, Fastic sees huge growth potential. Within the first month, AppLovin becomes Fastic’s second-largest source of new users. AppDiscovery’s IAP ROAS campaigns enable Fastic to acquire users that convert to subscribers at a profitable price point. They were also able to bid on users according to their subscription package values and target new, higher LTV users through AppLovin’s advanced optimization tools. By setting ROAS goals upfront, Fastic has full control over its UA profitability and can achieve the right balance between scale and long-term growth to drive business success.

The Results

AppLovin’s market-leading software enables Fastic to accelerate growth by automating and optimizing campaigns to target and acquire high-value new users to ensure long-term profitability.

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Fastic is able to optimize campaigns for a higher ROAS and bid on high-quality new users according to their subscription package value. They can better manage profitability over time and unlock additional users at various price points to scale at a controlled pace. The campaigns are fully automated and require minimal time investment, which allows them to grow revenue without additional headcount.

In Summary

Accelerating growth with advanced automation

AppDiscovery’s advanced IAP ROAS campaigns enabled Fastic to grow installs and profitability MoM, at a controlled pace that makes sense for their business. These are fully automated campaigns that require minimal operational input, advertisers can set a ROAS goal and watch the campaign scale.1

Driving long-term business success

Partnering with AppLovin was a beneficial, valuable source of growth that allowed Fastic to acquire new, high-value users and scale so they can fulfill their mission to deliver healthy fasting to a global audience.

We were searching for an additional source of growth and are glad to have found AppLovin. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, the team is laser-focused on maximizing our growth potential, and the IAP ROAS campaigns gives us full control over the scale and profitability of our campaigns.

Phillip Wayman
Co-Founder & CMO

1AppLovin Platform: Mar 2nd, 2021 - Apr 15th, 2021
2SensorTower: Apr 01st, 2021 - Apr 30th, 2021

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