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Fastic Reaches Beyond Just Social to Expand Global UA

Aug 20, 2021

Building a scalable, long-term user acquisition strategy (UA) is a challenge for all app developers, especially in a niche health vertical for intermittent fasting. While the popularity of controlled fasting has been on a steady rise, launching an app from a consultancy business model to a more community-focused global resource was a challenging transition for Fastic.

Located in Berlin, Germany under the corporate umbrella of Brance, a studio for self-care brands, Fastic had already found great success and stable scale on social platforms. Facebook, for example, gave them substantial reach and audience targeting abilities when it came to the health and wellness demographic. 

But the complexity of the mobile landscape required a more robust growth strategy that would scale and evolve user acquisition tactics globally and increase ROAS so they could funnel resources back into creating a more inspiring and engaging experience for consumers seeking healthier lives.

A more diversified marketing approach

Fastic needed a solutions partner that could offer advanced campaign optimization to reach more high-value customers with a specific interest in their tools and tips for intermittent fasting. As a result, they worked with AppLovin and its machine learning technology to help them profitably acquire new users based on the following three core tactics:

App discovery by testing other platforms

After running initial test campaigns, AppDiscovery’s IAP ROAS enabled Fastic to acquire users that converted to subscribers at a profitable price point, increasing scale by 125% and profitability MoM by 58%.

Optimize for ROAS

By setting ROAS goals upfront, Fastic could achieve the right balance between scale and long-term growth to drive business success. By leveraging AppDiscovery, Fastic was able to bid on users according to their subscription package values and target new, higher LTV users through AppLovin’s advanced optimization tools. 

Automate whenever possible

Fastic was able to accelerate growth by automating and optimizing campaigns to target and acquire new users and ensure long-term profitability. AppDiscovery enabled Fastic to grow installs and profitability MoM at a controlled pace that made sense for their business.

Within the first month, AppLovin became Fastic’s second-largest source of new users and Fastic achieved full control over its global UA strategy to drive long-term business success.

To learn more about Fastic’s growth story, please read our recent coverage in Adweek and the success story section of our site to learn more about how they scaled UA with help from AppLovin.

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