Announcing the winners of the Apple TV App Challenge!

by Basil Shikin on Apr 19, 2016

Wow, what a weekend. Over 150 hackers attended AppLovin’s App Challenge weekend, including people who came from overseas. I was blown away by all that I saw over the course of the event. Over and over again I saw terrific examples of creativity, collaboration, and technical know-how, all coming together to experiment with and explore the possibilities with tvOS. And I’m really happy to announce these winners:

The Contest

Dungeon Tiles, the game that matches 2048 mechanics with RPG sensibilities, won the $25,000 grand prize. Its creator, Iyoda Takashi, traveled all the way from Japan to present it!

Contest Grand Prize winner Dragon Tiles

Grand Prize winner Dungeon Tiles. Apple TV App Challenge tvOS Hackathon #AppLovin #HacktvOS

Symmetrica, a zen geometrical exercise in timing and patience, won second place ($5,000). Congratulations to Symmmetica’s creator, Guntis Pontags. Third place ($1,000) went to Avian: Twitter Map; great job,  Adam Shaw, James White, and Simon Burbidge!

Dustin Adair won $5,000 for his Port of Spiders of Mars.

The Hackathon

Two $5,000 prizes went to the creators of two tvOS apps: Runtastical, by Daniel Schwartz and Carter Sande, and Tune Pop, by Ki Han and Chase Acton. Runtastical is an immersive app that mimics going for a run in the setting of the user’s choice, such as through a beautiful forest.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.05.37 PM

Hackathon winner Runtastical. Apple TV App Challenge tvOS Hackathon #AppLovin #HacktvOS

Tune Pop is a social music player that features local commenting and user-collaborated playlists; users’ phones act as remotes for interaction on the Apple TV screen.

One hack called GIFs Against Humanity — a play on Cards Against Humanity in which users assign words to GIFs — won the AppsFlyer, Kochava and Riffsy prizes (Amazon Taps, PhoneDrone Ethos, and $1,000 in Apple Store gift cards respectively). Mybnb, an app for AirBnB hosts that acts as a local guide and virtual concierge, won the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone offered by GitLab. Finally, ShowShop, an app that allows users to pause a television show to shop for particular items in it they like won Twitter’s $500 award for best Digits implementation.

The atmosphere the entire weekend was amazing — people were having so much fun and were so engrossed in the exciting challenge of building apps for Apple TV. Here are a few photos that capture the spirit of the weekend.

Apple TV App Challenge tvOS Hackathon #AppLovin #HacktvOS

A few members of the Mybynb team. Apple TV App Challenge tvOS Hackathon #AppLovin #HacktvOS

Again, congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to our partners: Application Developers Alliance, AppsFlyer, Facebook, GitLab, Kochava, Riffsy, and Twitter. And a huge shout out to the terrific judges as well — their expertise was invaluable in determining the winners.

Basil Shikin is AppLovin’s VP of Engineering.