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AppDiscovery’s AI Advancements

Idil Canal
Aug 7, 2023
AppDiscovery AI Advancements

AI techniques have already made a big impact on the ad tech industry. By using methods to create intelligent systems that learn and problem-solve, AI systems are performing tasks that have historically required human intelligence. 

At AppLovin, we are using AI to replace human operations (like targeting, setting bids, learning phases, and more) that either our team or our partners used to have to make manually. These updates allow our partners to achieve their goals with greater accuracy and speed on an exponentially larger scale while saving them time and improving their operational efficiency. 

We have been working to upgrade our advertising algorithm with the latest AI techniques. Today, I’m thrilled to share more about the early results and the impact they are already making for our partners. Our advertisers are able to benefit from increased automation and recognize better ROAS (return on ad spend), at a much larger scale. 

Peak Games, a leading global mobile games studio and creator of mega hits, Toon Blast and Toy Blast, has already seen success: “With the recent AI advancements, we saw substantial growth in our ROAS campaigns with AppLovin.”

DealDash, a long-standing online auction and shopping platform with more than 20M registered customers says, “AppLovin has played a crucial role in doubling our digital UA volume and has also allowed us to break free from previous seasonal trends. Their AI-powered campaigns and unparalleled support have helped us achieve remarkable efficiency. Working with the AppLovin team has been a refreshing experience, setting new standards for excellence in our partnerships.”

These new techniques have played a role in advancing several of AppDiscovery’s key features and I’m excited to share, in greater detail, what this means for our solution and for the partners who use it. 

Improved campaign effectiveness and accelerated growth

We have improved the automation and expansion of AppDiscovery campaigns, enabling our system to execute thousands of real-time optimizations based on the down-funnel actions you care about most. This reduces the risk of human error and saves teams time to focus on strategic work that drives businesses forward. “AppLovin is our top UA source and the recent AI advancements to AppDiscovery from AppLovin have changed the trajectory of our business,” explained LINE GAME.

Below are several specific AI-driven enhancements that are already improving outcomes for AppDiscovery partners:

  • Greater automation: More accurately determines where to spend to best deliver on your performance goals – across geos, devices, apps, and more. The need for manual optimization and campaign filtering is effectively eliminated, resulting in increased efficiency for advertisers of all sizes.

One company that has already seen benefits from AppDiscovery and its automation is MoneyLion, a financial technology company with a top-rated credit-building app, “We’re very excited by the results from AppDiscovery. Its automated technology increases efficiency and improves results. We look forward to growing our strategy partnership with AppLovin.”

  • Increased accuracy: Improvements in targeting have resulted in campaign results that closely deliver on campaign targets, enabling greater control and confidence in UA spend. 
  • Improved campaign effectiveness: Run multiple campaign types to acquire users with different, but complementary, retention and ROAS curves. Not only does this identify which campaigns work best to achieve your specific targets, but it also reveals new incremental audiences to engage with.

Triwin, a fast-growing games publisher in China, has leveraged AppDiscovery’s AI advancements to increase accuracy and improve effectiveness: “We’ve evolved from relying on a single UA campaign to achieve our goals. Embracing a mix of advanced campaign types has allowed us to scale AppLovin to become our largest UA partner for our new games and has grown our new business by 3x. It also gives us the ability to reach different audiences, find the right mix of users that will match our targets, and drive incremental growth for our business.”

  • More agile campaigns: Our models learn fast, so costs associated with learning phases have been significantly reduced. Immediately start running advanced campaign types, allowing you to hit targets within a few days of launch and significantly accelerate campaign ramp-up time.

FunPlus, a global games company with more than 350M+ downloads, has already benefited from the greatly reduced time it takes for campaigns to learn: “With the recent AI advancements, our newly launched campaigns have optimized in just 5 days — and that means that now we can expand our UA goals and reach them faster. This allows us to launch more campaigns and find our audience quicker and at less cost than ever before.”

  • Global expansion: Find high-value users worldwide instead of focusing on a smaller set of regional markets by running a single global campaign. Marketers can realize massive scale while hitting their target objectives, eliminating the need to manage various geo-segmented campaigns.

Goodroid, a Japanese games developer with over 100 apps, “Our team is great at producing top games, but we’ve traditionally honed in on a few key markets. AppDiscovery’s ability to run global budget campaigns that closely deliver on our targets has unlocked an enormous scale across previously hard-to-reach audiences. As a result, we managed to grow our scale by more than 3x with the majority of the growth coming outside of the U.S./Japan, which is now making up half of our buying.”

How can you take advantage of these enhancements?

We are excited to ramp all our existing advertisers on these significant feature enhancements – so that they can achieve and beat their goals and continue to accelerate their growth. As the benefits of these advancements extend well beyond our existing partners, our teams are focused on bringing more advertisers, across all verticals of business, to the AppDiscovery solution. We believe this paves the way for materially more opportunity and growth for our partners over the coming years.

Interested in elevating your UA strategy with AppDiscovery’s advanced campaigns? Contact us or reach out to your account representative for more information.

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Idil Canal is GM, AdTech at AppLovin

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