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Inside AppLovin: Recruiting New Talent at Fall Campus Career Fairs

by Diana Nguyen on Oct 12, 2019

Being a recent college alumna (Go Aggies!), I was thrilled at the opportunity to represent  AppLovin’s recruiting team at several universities’ career fairs this month. 

Our first stop was Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where we participated in both the Fall Career Fair and the Computing Career Fair, a more technical event. With more than 1000 students and 150 companies attending these events, we had the opportunity to meet and engage with some fantastic talent. Our two on-site engineers interviewed 12 candidates during the event, and several are now moving through our formal interview process for internships and full-time positions.

Campus recruiting AppLovin Employees

This week we made our way to the University of California, Santa Barbara for two events. Our first stop was a resume workshop where my recruiting teammate, Kenny Roberts, and I had a chance to give students one-on-one resume feedback. We were able to share some of our favorite resume tips like: Highlight any technical terms and experience, formatting is EVERYTHING, and don’t forget to be personable. Students came prepared, and challenged us to put ourselves in their shoes with questions like “How do I get internship experience without having any experience?” 

We also hosted an info session with the UCSB National Society of Black Engineers, where we had more than 30 computer science and computer engineering students in attendance. This group had a bevy of insightful questions and were interested in getting to know more about how AppLovin fits into the mobile games industry, and what sets AppLovin apart from other companies. 

Campus recruiting resume workshop

What does set AppLovin apart? To give perspective, this was AppLovin’s first campus tour, which meant our recruiting team put a lot of work in to get this program off the ground. We were challenged in new ways and had to execute in an unfamiliar setting. But through the whole process, we were collaborating and making sure we were aligned with the same expectations and vision for each event. This team knows how to make the best out of any situation, which is how we ended up belting our favorite songs in a karaoke-style singing session on the drive back from Cal Poly SLO.  

Keep an eye out for any future campus events, and check out our open roles here. We’re currently hiring for three technical internships and our first-ever HR Intern, so be sure to apply!

Diana Nguyen is University Recruiter at AppLovin.