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AppLovin Welcomes Redemption Games!

Jordan Satok
May 5, 2020

Mobile games are being developed around the world on what seems like an endless basis — both new and existing studios are constantly creating games that delight audiences, and are looking for solutions to get them in front of more players. Fortunately, as a mobile games company, AppLovin has the opportunity to meet and partner with some of the best and brightest studios with major growth potential, and help them reach their goals.  

Today AppLovin is excited to announce that it has made a strategic investment in San Diego-based, Redemption Games. This investment came together quickly and will bring AppLovin’s support to the Redemption Games team, while the studio maintains its operations independently. 

“We are so excited to work closely with AppLovin, and we are confident this partnership will bring a deep wealth of industry experience to our studio,” said Michael Witz, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Redemption Games. “The whole team feels strongly that we’ll be able to not only continue the momentum we’ve built with Sweet Escapes, but also develop new games that will bring joy to more players around the globe.”

Founded in 2015 by Michael Witz and Dan Lin, Redemption Games is the gaming studio behind the top-grossing puzzle game, Sweet Escapes. The team’s previous experience creating many successful match-3 titles including the top-of-the-charts game Cookie Jam, resulted in an investment from Supercell in 2018. 

While Redemption Games has already found incredible success on its own, AppLovin’s investment will bring additional resources and expertise to continue the studio’s growth worldwide.  

Redemption Games joins AppLovin’s partner studios Clipwire Games, Geewa, Belka Games, PeopleFun, Firecraft Studios, and MagicAnt — and continues to drive the company’s mission to entertain the world with the best mobile games, and the desire to create more growth for the overall mobile gaming ecosystem. 

For more information on Redemption Games or any of our other partner studios, please visit our partner studios page here

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