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AppLovin’s Acquisition of Wurl is Complete

Apr 4, 2022

We’re happy to share that AppLovin’s acquisition of Wurl officially closed today – a partnership we believe will drive the next evolution of CTV advertising.

Wurl is a leader in powering CTV, interconnecting over 1,200 streaming channels from the world’s top content companies with major streaming distribution services in more than 50 countries. This, combined with Wurl’s reach of 300 million TVs and 30 million users globally each month, will allow AppLovin to scale our technology beyond mobile to bring performance marketing to the CTV space – continuing to put us on track to become the world’s largest advertising ecosystem in the world.

AppLovin’s software solutions were built to help mobile app developers get their apps discovered and monetize them efficiently. Performance marketing on mobile has since taken off, and we believe there is an opportunity to do the same for the CTV space by partnering with Wurl.

AppLovin and Wurl understand the content discovery issue and shortcomings of how ads are filled today on CTV and we agreed that an evolution – like the mobile industry faced – is necessary for the CTV market. We believe that with Wurl’s strong foundation and AppLovin’s resources, our partnership will position us to be the lead solutions to solve for this.

With ad spending in CTV projected to surpass $30 billion by 2025, we’re excited to start working with advertisers to provide them with a seamless way to enter the rapidly growing CTV market, and look forward to bringing new advertising and marketing opportunities across CTV and mobile.

To the team at Wurl – we cannot be more excited to welcome you to AppLovin. You are Wurl’s success and together we believe this positions us for a very bright future.

For more information, read our announcement here today. 

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