Belka Games Launches the Ultimate Island Getaway Adventure

Nov 4, 2021

In Belka Games newly launched Bermuda Adventures, the infamous Bermuda Triangle turns the Jones family vacation into a quest for survival when their plane unexpectedly crashes into a bed of mysterious islands. 

Thankfully, our steadfast family apparently followed those pre-flight safety instructions and survived the crash, ending up in an island paradise. Lush jungles and beaches beckon to be explored and their resources mined, chopped, and collected so the Jones can build the ultimate island getaway. 

Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing!

Welcome to the jungle

There’s always plenty to do in Bermuda Adventures. For the first 5-10 minutes of the game, you’ll get introduced to the basics of collecting resources, building structures, and feeding the family to keep up their energy. Once you’ve learned the basics of surviving as castaways, quicker than you can say “Wilson” you’ll be ready to build a new life for the Jones family and discover the islands’ many secrets.

If only more vacations were like Bermuda Adventures.

Of course, chopping down trees, mining stone, and harvesting resources is a lot of work, so energy is the currency of getting things done. The family’s energy replenishes slowly on its own, but you can also collect food like berries to quickly regain strength and push onward. To gain more energy, you’ll need to spend some time harvesting crops, grilling, and sitting the family down for a good old-fashioned picnic. (Hope you like corn and carrots, because they’ll be a staple for a while.)

Anyone seen grandma?

Grandma and Grandpa also went down with the plane and landed safely, but apart from the rest of the family. Thankfully, while both may be advanced in years, they are also intrepid explorers. You’ll need to find them while you’re beavering away building the homestead. 

Once you’ve grown and expanded sufficiently, you’ll come to learn that not only are these islands very large, but there are many other, distinct islands waiting to be explored — each with their own unique quests and challenges to uncover.

There are many islands to explore and secrets to uncover.

While basic resources like stone and wood are plentiful, there are many others that can only be acquired through trading. Local island natives and a travelling trader in an air balloon will trade rare, specialty items like gas canisters, gloves, and more if you ply them with a lot of your common but hard-earned resources. Rare items, in turn, can be used to collect special resources, solve in-game quests and challenges, or in some cases may be required to upgrade structures to a higher level.

Farming helps keep the family thriving.

In addition, daily bonuses provide random resources to keep your family moving and your island home flourishing. As your island home continues to thrive, it will level up and unlock new structures, upgrades, and even more harvestable resources and new things to collect, build, and upgrade. 

The adventures continue…

Bermuda Adventures gives you plenty to do and surprising depth is buried in its otherwise easy-to-understand mechanics. There’s never a shortage of things to collect, farm, build, and upgrade as your island quest for survival turns into building an island utopia for the family. Core town-building mechanics are complemented by light farming elements, and in-game events, quests, and challenges always give you something new to explore, build, or achieve.    

Check out Bermuda Adventures! 

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