Investing in the mobile gaming ecosystem

Adam Foroughi
Sep 6, 2019
Reuters AppLovin game studios investments

When we first started AppLovin in 2012, it was focused on app discovery. Our goal was to help developers get their apps discovered in the increasingly crowded app stores. Now, seven years later, the app stores are even more crowded, but we are still just as focused on app discovery and have expanded to include more ways to help game developers and the gaming ecosystem grow. 

Today, our mission is to help people discover the best mobile games. To do that, we have grown the tools we offer for developers, expanded our AppDiscovery platform, and we now publish games. At times, we build more strategic relationships with studios for which we believe we can facilitate accelerated growth. One of these studios is Belka Games, and today we are announcing that we have made a strategic investment in their business. Belka Games is a mobile games studio located in Minsk, Belarus with a strong team including co-founders Yury Mazanik and Dzmitry Khusainau. We were drawn to the vibrant mobile game development landscape in Belarus and were drawn particularly to Belka because of its success, its potential for growth, and most importantly, its strong team and outstanding corporate culture. Belka will continue operating as an independent company with existing management.

We have made similar strategic investments in other studios, including PeopleFun (creator of Wordscapes), Firecraft Studios (creator of Matchington Mansion), and MagicAnt (creator of Fill). These studios developed some of the best mobile games in the world, and our investments will help them grow their games and create new ones.

Our core focus has always been mobile games and helping developers succeed. We will continue to grow with mobile game developers by finding new and innovative ways to support them.   

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