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Lion Studios updates Mr Bullet with competitive multiplayer

by AppLovin on May 3, 2019

Check it out! Lion Studios just released a multiplayer update for its popular (#8 in the App Store) game Mr Bullet. The new “Duel” mode pits you against a friend or stranger in a battle to see who has the best aim. Players can choose between playing “Classic” levels, which uses pistols, or “Grenade” levels that challenge you to lob grenades in creative ways to blast your opponent.

Want something fun to do while you wait in line for coffee? Great news! You only have ten seconds to aim before both players shoot so you can battle your bestie a few times while you wait for your caffeine fix.

But be careful! The stakes are higher than simply losing a life. In order to duel, you have to pony up some cold, hard cash. If you win, you double your money but if you lose, you lose it all! Additionally, you can score big by earning medals to unlock more difficult multiplayer challenges and show your opponents who’s the real boss.

Do you have what it takes the be the best sharpshooter in the world? Download Mr Bullet and take your shot!