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Master Mobile App Marketing With Our 2024 Mobile App Trends Report!

Feb 21, 2024

Mobile app marketing is constantly shifting and changing. But the fundamental concerns for mobile app developers remain the same: How do I acquire new users, and how can I continue to engage and monetize the ones I already have?

With changes — especially in privacy and data-sharing — continuing to emerge and evolve how you interact with your users, it has never been more important to arm yourself with the tools and insights to stay at the forefront of the industry. That is why AppLovin and Adjust have partnered on their newest report: Mobile App Trends 2024.

Inside, you’ll find in-depth analyses of the trends shaping the mobile industry today and everything you’ll need to help grow your app business to ensure profitability and scale through 2024 and beyond.

A taste of what’s in the report

  • The current state of the mobile app marketing landscape, how to strategize for growth within it, how to adapt to the many changes, and AI-driven tools that can help
  • Patterns around opt-in rates for App Tracking Transparency (ATT) year over year (YoY). (Guess what? They continue to rise)
  • Finch app installations increased by 42% YoY, while in-app revenue grew by 118%!
  • Globally, the median eCPI for e-commerce apps is $1.33, while the lifetime value (LTV) for month 0 reaches $10.35 on iOS
  • Gaming app installations and sessions exhibited a downward trend for the first three quarters of 2023, but started bouncing back in Q4
  • Despite fluctuations in installations and sessions, in-app revenue grew for gaming apps by 6% in 2023

Ready to get the more detailed scoop and capture the insights you need to improve your mobile app marketing performance? 

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