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Mobile Gaming Leads the Charge in Mobile App Usage 2019-2020

Nov 1, 2021

Mobile gaming continues to drive the mobile app market in a pandemic-fueled charge, according to Digiday, with mobile app purchases up by 15% year-over-year on iOS and 25% on Google Play between Q2 2019 and 2020. And globally, mobile app usage increased 40% for that same period, according to App Annie.

Key lessons from gaming

  • Creating communities less reliant on social media. App developers are trying to build communities for non-gaming apps instead of just riding on social media. This is something game makers have done for years, where matches, match-making, and player communities form their own distinct player bases and social groups outside of social media sites like Facebook. 
  • Partnering with more large brands. In addition, mobile developers for non-gaming apps are partnering with more large brands to help build communities. Historically, gaming brands have typically partnered with an average of 6-9 partners, whereas non-gaming apps have partnered with an average of 4.
  • A/B testing. Game developers love A/B testing. It is fundamental to developing and refining the game itself and aspects of user acquisition and monetization. 
  • Gamifying ads. Gamification and interactivity are increasing for in-app advertisements. 

Another interesting takeaway is that non-gaming companies are hiring more developers, marketers, and executives with a background in the gaming space. 

Read the full Digiday article here.

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