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New AppDiscovery Feature: Campaign Management API

P. Bryan Edge-Salois
Oct 19, 2021
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If you’re running a lot of campaigns in AppDiscovery across a large portfolio of titles but need to —or even prefer to —work with your data through an alternate BI (Business Intelligence) tool, even something as simple as adding new ads can almost be a full-time job unto itself. Now, with AppDiscovery’s new Campaign Management API, you can integrate with your preferred BI tool programmatically to make your life easier. 

The AppDiscovery Campaign Management API allows you to integrate AppDiscovery with a BI dashboard and gives you new ways to streamline your workflow and manage campaigns— without dividing your time between multiple dashboards or performing large-scale, time-consuming import/export operations between platforms. 

Introducing the AppDiscovery Campaign Management API

You might be familiar with the AppDiscovery Bulk CSV tool, which helps you manage and manual bidding between platforms by exporting a CSV of all the bid overriders, accepting updates to modify them, and then importing the CSV to the other platform. 

AppDiscovery’s new Campaign Management API now provides an additional integration option. It allows you to programmatically add and manage creatives and better integrate AppDiscovery with your favorite BI tool, and it can be especially powerful — and save you a lot of time — if your company is already doing this with other ad networks. 

The Campaign Management API also includes management access for both first and third-party OAuth applications so you can provide or revoke access with the click of a button. 

If you choose to integrate the  AppDiscovery Campaign Management API, it will eliminate the need for any large-scale bulk operations, streamlining workflows and making it easier to adjust your campaigns. All it takes is a little bit of engineering time to add AppLovin to the list of other networks with automatic uploads.

This can be particularly beneficial if you’re already using programmatic integration with other ad networks — you probably already have the building blocks in place for managing your ad creatives through API integration, so adding one more should be relatively easy.

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