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#SHIPPED 2024: Product Updates Driving Mobile App Growth

Doug Borghese
Apr 18, 2024

#SHIPPED is back, and what a time to achieve new growth for your business.

#SHIPPED is our quarterly series where we share the latest product updates that help accelerate your business and fuel your growth strategy.  

This quarter holds a focus on the campaigns our AI engine supports, MAX plugin and format expansions, brand safety, and more.

Let’s dive into #SHIPPED updates without further ado.

Q1 2024

AppDiscoveryCTV Advertising
Update: Powered by our AI advertising engine
Closely achieve ROAS goals with campaigns that accurately target high-quality users and optimize automatically.
MAXGame Engine Support
Update: Defold Plugin
Increased options for how to develop apps. Other engines supported by MAX include Unreal, Godot, React, Native, Flutter, and Cordova.
MAXAd Review
Update: MREC support in Ad Review expanded to Mintegral and DT Exchange
Ensure brand-safe MREC ads for more ad networks.
AppDiscovery & MAXResource Center
Update: Accessible from AppLovin dashboard
Access product and industry content from the AppLovin dashboard nav under the “Resources” tab.

Learn more in the video below.

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