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Creative Trends Report 2023: Performance Ads That Drive Results

Doug Borghese
Jan 31, 2023

AppLovin’s own multifaceted in-house creative team just released its data-packed “Performance-Driven Mobile Ad Trends” report, covering the top-performing ad creative trends in mobile gaming.

SparkLabs is an innovative and data-driven leader in the creative space, having created, iterated, tested, and launched tens of thousands of creatives for a roster of apps in 2022 alone. They’ve measured and broken down the conceptual and practical decisions that produced the most winning results for the apps they’ve helped grow through incredible ad creatives. 

Here are some high-level mobile ad concepts the report covers that will help you shape your creative strategy, drive more engagement, and achieve higher ROI into 2023 and beyond. For all the data and details, you’ll need to view the full report here.

Performance ad creatives need variety

It isn’t enough to just produce one flavor of creatives; you have to consider variety — character customization, for instance — if you want to drive more attention and, ultimately, new users to your app. Find out what that variety looks like.

Performance ad creatives need relatability

To capture new audiences, your creatives need to connect with them in ways that are relatable and To capture new audiences, your ad creative needs to connect with them in ways that are relatable and authentic. Whether a familiar gameplay element, compelling character, or otherwise, learn how best to engage with your users in a meaningful way.

Performance ad creatives need time to evolve

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a successful creative strategy. Testing and iteration is an important part of the creative process to see what drives the most conversions. See what it takes to optimize and drive the most successful outcomes for your mobile ad creatives.

Fuel your user acquisition strategy with winning creatives

You will be able to use the data and concepts within this report to drive a more assured UA strategy for your own mobile games, creating advertising KPIs and business goals that are essential to success for any app marketer.

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