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Studio Spotlight: Geewa’s Smashing Success, Over 10 Million Players, and Counting

Jul 30, 2020

Each month as part of our spotlight series, we focus on one of our partner studios and give you a glimpse behind what the company is like. Today’s post is for Geewa, a thriving studio with over 20 games, including Smashing Four, a no. 1 hit title with over 10 million players. 

Innovation and creativity are at the core of the growing tech scene in the Czech Republic and mobile game studio Geewa is leading the way. Since they launched in 2018, their hit game Smashing Four has skyrocketed to the top, reaching no. 1 in both the Czech App Store and Czech Google Play charts. It put Geewa on the map for creating immersive and engaging games. 

Geewa is hiring

Geewa knows that a talented team is crucial to the success of games like Smashing Four. Geewa recruits top talent and education for game development. With over 20 games under their belt, joining the team at Geewa means opportunities for learning new skills and seeing projects to the end.

As the studio continues to thrive, they’re looking to expand their team. Geewa’s culture is all about building an enthusiastic team of people who love playing and making great games. 

“Being a passionate gamer myself, I am happy about being a part of a team that creates wonderful games for millions of other players worldwide,” said Sabína Hancinova, Head of Marketing at Geewa.

The team moves fast but holds one another accountable for ownership. They improve the quality of their games and build future games through problem-solving, constant iteration, and sticking to what they love, which is to make fun games for everyone. CEO Milos Endrle encourages the entire team to embrace this mindset and to bring new and creative ideas to the table.

 If you want to join a fast-paced gaming studio with an opportunity to make a big impact, Geewa’s team would love to hear from you! 

Check out Geewa’s open positions.

Geewa is an acronym

What is Geewa? It’s actually an acronym—Geewa stands for Games for Everyone, Everywhere, With Anyone. Geewa is known for developing unique and engaging mobile player vs player (PvP) games.

The keys to developing these games are based on:

  • Short-time matches of less than 5 minutes
  • Clear results of winning or losing
  • Matching players against other players from around the globe
  • Long-term competitiveness, ensured by tournaments and leagues

Dominating the charts with a PvP experience

Geewa reached mass success with Smashing Four. It’s a PvP game based on billiard physics. 

The game uses billiard skills and game mechanics, blended with a world of fantasy RPG heroes. These characters are armed with special abilities to fight and collide with their opponents.

Taking place in a variety of challenging arenas–each one of them calling for a different strategy–players can improve and test their skills by entering various quests and challenges.

Players have opportunities to earn trophies and rewards to power up and join clans to band together and advance faster. All of these efforts help players forge ahead to become the best. 

By the end of 2018, the success of Smashing Four put Geewa on the map for creating immersive and engaging games. 

Smashing Four facts:

  • Real-time, turn-based, card-collectible strategy
  • Build your squad of heroes & unleash their abilities
  • Duel players from all around the world
  • Win battles and earn rewards
  • Create your own clan or join an existing one
  • Share cards, strike up a chat with clan members, and practice your strategy in friendly battles

Where is Geewa based? 

Geewa’s office is located in the tech hub in the emerging dock quarter in Prague 8, with beautiful panoramic city views, a pool table, and a well-stocked kitchen and bar. 

Prague, also known as the “City of a hundred spires”, is one of the safest cities in the world and steeped in history, known worldwide for its architecture, flourishing arts, and cultural scene. The city has more than 20,000 creative actors, individuals, and companies. It also has 95 museums, 180 galleries, and more than 100 creative spaces and community centers. To top it off, it’s home to the largest castle in the world, a beer spa (you can even bathe in it!), and a graffiti wall dedicated to John Lennon. 

As well as their passion for the arts, outdoor living and sports are a big part of life in the Czech Republic. With numerous parks, bicycle paths, and opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle, Prague is a wonderful city for those who like to stay fit. 

Geewa’s growing team and company culture

Being immersed in a creative and ego-free atmosphere like Prague made sense for Geewa, so their team could focus on contributing to an emerging market for the gaming industry. 

With more than 60 employees and counting, Geewa feels strongly about making sure team members are constantly collaborating, growing, and applying what they’ve learned. 

The growing company consists of people who genuinely want to work together to make high-quality games. 

Interested in joining the team? Learn more about Geewa’s open positions

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