Valentine’s Day mobile game ads: What works

by Azi Mohseni on Feb 10, 2017

As a designer, it’s always interesting to see how mobile game devs leverage holidays in their ads, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Early February, ‘tis the season to switch up color palettes and change iconography to engage players with a fresh look and a playful attitude.

Here’s a visual breakdown of how two types of games can easily jazz up their ads for Valentine’s Day:


Design adjustments like these don’t take long to do, and they definitely pay off in terms of user acquisition — users always appreciate a bit of flair. If you’re looking for additional tips on how how to leverage the calendar to boost engagement with your game, look no further than this post. It might have been written for the holidays, but all of the principles in it apply to any special day or time of year!

Azi Mohseni is a senior graphic designer at AppLovin.