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What is Merge Villa?

Amy Choi
Apr 28, 2021

What’s in a merge game? You take one item, drag and drop it over to an identical item, and watch as the two items combine to make an entirely new one! This is the premise of Merge Villa (iOS | Android), the newest casual puzzle game from Lion Studios

Merge Villa centers around the main character named Alice, whose grandparents’ magnificent villa has every inch of its carpets soaked through by a devastating tsunami.

Alice enlists players’ help in merging unique items and tools that are used to bring the villa back to its former glory. With every item merged and task completed, players unlock customizations and decorations to style the villa to their discerning tastes.

Meet the characters of Merge Villa

What are merge chains?

Every item in Merge Villa is part of a merge chain. Take, for example, the Kennel merge chain—you can merge the Level 1 Kennel parts to create a Level 2 Kennel part, which will then combine to form a level 3 Kennel.

Players can use high-level items in the Kennel merge chain to complete in-game tasks centered around the game’s furry characters (hint: they’ve each got four paws and a tail!).

Merge Villa has over 30 unique merge chains, with each containing as many as 13 different levels of items to discover. More are being added with frequent updates! 

How to complete Tasks in Merge Villa

Players can progress in Merge Villa through completing Tasks. Tasks require various items at different levels, such as this one to replace the floor. It requires an ax, which can be created by merging items that are generated from the toolbox.

Completing this Task will reward the player with a gift box and advance the story. Some tasks will require lower-level items, while others might require a lot of merges to complete—it’s all part of the fun! 

How many items will you discover?

Play Merge Villa today!

iOS | Android

Lion Studios: The makers of Merge Villa

Merge Villa is the latest title from Lion Studios, the makers behind hit mobile games Save The Girl, Mr Bullet, Hooked Inc., and Slap Kings. Lion Studios worked in partnership with 4Enjoy, the creators of Magic Mansion and Farm Solitaire, to create Merge Villa. Lion works with top developers around the world to ship quality games enjoyed daily by millions of players.

Over the last year, Lion Studios has launched more than 50 games that have driven billions of downloads. Sixteen of Lion’s hit games have topped #1 in the U.S. App Store’s Top Free chart since March 2018. 

Lion Studios is also hiring! If you’re interested in joining a dynamic, fast-moving team, visit

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