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Video: What is header bidding?

What is MAX?

MAX in-app header bidding moves past traditional monetization methods by leveraging an auction-style process for all of your ad inventory. Advertisers bid simultaneously on your inventory, which drives more competition and higher CPMs for you.Watch to learn more

Who benefits?

MAX in-app header bidding benefits the entire ecosystem—consumers see more relevant ads, advertisers have an equal opportunity to bid on the audiences they are looking for, and publishers see higher CPMs.

What sets MAX apart?

Full transparency

You can see the value of each impression and demand partner.

Increased demand & maximized CPMs

More advertisers bidding simultaneously means you get the highest CPMs for all of your inventory.

Powerful data

A/B test networks and CPM combinations are delivered in real time for an optimized monetization setup.

Comprehensive & fast UI

Our easy-to-navigate dashboard highlights performance and analytics to view all your monetization efforts.

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