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New from AppLovin and Adjust: The 2024 gaming app insights report!

Mar 20, 2024

Here’s a sneak peek at the AppLovin insights you’ll find inside.

“The perception that mobile gaming is stagnating due, in part, to a crowded market overlooks one positive by-product of this competition: growth.” Daniel Tchernahovsky, VP, Global Business Development, AppLovin. 

The past year and a half haven’t been easy for the mobile gaming industry, but a new report from Adjust and AppLovin hints at brighter days ahead. Cases in point: Innovation is thriving, with genres like hybrid casual leading the charge, and generative AI is revolutionizing creative development. While this doesn’t erase current hurdles like slower growth and rising user acquisition costs, there is a clear path to success for those who adapt.

The “The Gaming App Insights Report: Unlocking growth opportunities for mobile marketers,” a collaborative effort by Adjust and AppLovin, dives deep into the mobile gaming landscape. The report is jam-packed with data, charts, examples, and insights. Below are some key takeaways on unlocking growth opportunities for mobile marketers.

  • Mobile Gaming Goes Mainstream: The report highlights a significant shift in mobile gaming. A growing global smartphone base and advancements in mobile technology are making games more accessible than ever before.
  • CTV: A Natural Extension for Mobile Game Ads: The increasing use of live-action elements in mobile game ads makes CTV a natural fit for ad creatives. 
  • GenAI Revolutionizes Creative Workflows: GenAI tools are increasing in popularity, availability, and impact. Making AI part of creative teams’ daily processes can create new efficiencies and measurably save time. 
  • Hybrid Monetization: The Key to Long-Term Success: There’s been a surge in hybrid monetization, where games offer a combination of in-app purchases (IAPs), ads, and subscriptions. This diversification allows publishers to tailor the game experience to a wider range of user behaviors and improve player lifetime value (LTV).

The core player interest in mobile gaming remains strong – the key is finding and engaging those players effectively. Filled with new research and expert insights,  The Gaming App Insights Report: Unlocking growth opportunities for mobile marketers is your roadmap. Download the report today and discover the data-driven strategies and actionable insights you need to acquire and keep users in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

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