Success Story

Azur Games propelled Stack Ball to #1 in the Android charts and increased revenue by 160% QoQ


Azur Games is an international mobile game developer and publisher that focuses on creating diverse and exciting in-game worlds.


Nicosia, Cyprus


200+ employees




Azur wanted to increase the revenue of their games and to do so needed a more sophisticated monetization and user acquisition strategy.

After adopting an ad-driven business model, Azur knew that they had to adapt fast in a quickly-evolving mobile gaming industry in order to stay ahead of the competition and reach the top of the charts.

Drove explosive growth in installs!


AppLovin helped Azur by integrating MAX In-App Bidding to optimize their monetization setup.

Azur worked with AppLovin to build a competitive monetization strategy and leverage in-app bidding across all their apps. This approach optimized their ad monetization setup and increased competition for their ad inventory. More frequent and higher bids increased CPMs, and ultimately yielded a substantial lift in revenue and LTVs.

Their focus on user-level ad revenue attribution gave Azur the opportunity to spend smarter on the right users, and completely revamp their UA strategy.

The Results

Azur streamlined their setup, significantly increasing revenue and installs worldwide. Because they could more accurately attribute spend, they gained the confidence to spend more in the right places, helping them build sustainable success.

Azur Games results stats
After partnering with AppLovin, Azur saw revenue growth of 160% QoQ. With more than 83 million installs on Android in Q2 2019, Stack Ball was the most downloaded game worldwide that quarter. Their success with Stack Ball also expanded Azur’s presence in the hyper-casual market.
Azur Games Team
Our partnership with AppLovin has always been focused on mutually beneficial, long-term growth and maximizing the potential of our games.

This win-win approach to business works very well with our team and allows us to focus on constantly improving our monetization strategies and to dig deeper with user-level ad revenue attribution, ensuring our games have the best possible chance to be a success.

Dmitry Yaminskiy
CEO, Azur Games

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