Rollic found chart-topping success in 30+ countries with AppDiscovery’s AI advancements

Recent enhancements to AppLovin’s AI advertising engine enabled Rollic to run global campaigns and acquire high-value users while successfully hitting ROAS targets.



Marketing Objective

User Acquisition

Twisted Tangle


Rollic, a subsidiary of Zynga, is a prominent mobile game publisher. Since 2018, they have launched over 200 games and achieved more than 2 billion downloads.


Istanbul, Turkey

Company Size




Twisted Tangle

The Challenge

Finding incremental, high-ROAS growth through global expansion

Rollic manages a large portfolio of gaming apps. Traditionally, they’ve run country-based campaigns focused on key high-income countries with more predictable returns.

While they knew that valuable users exist in every geo, acquiring them efficiently proved challenging. Managing geo-based campaigns and calibrating AI-powered user targeting for each was time and resource intensive. To maximize their revenue potential, however, Rollic recognized the need to attract incremental users and identified global expansion as their most effective strategy.

The Solution

AppLovin’s AI advancements delivered global scale and fast ROI

Rollic leveraged AppLovin’s monetization solution, MAX, to unlock advanced campaign types including Ad ROAS and blended ROAS on AppDiscovery. Rollic ran these advanced campaigns with automatically-optimized global budgets and a significantly reduced learning phase, made possible with AppDiscovery’s recent AI advancements.

With spend accurately and automatically allocated to users in each geo, Rollic unlocked high-value users that their previous manual, country-based budgeting strategy would have missed. Meanwhile, AppDiscovery dramatically reduced time spent on a learning phase without sacrificing quality, which meant Rollic didn’t need to wait a long time—or budget—for the AI to identify and target these high-quality users. Instead, Rollic started seeing results in a matter of days.

The Results

AppDiscovery’s powerful AI-based user targeting allowed Rollic to scale their apps globally and find chart-topping success.

Results stats
AppDiscovery allowed Rollic to find new scale across their portfolio, with a particularly striking effect in newer apps. Twisted Tangle, a puzzle app Rollic released in May, hit its ROAS goals with a reduced learning phase and was instantly scalable. The app skyrocketed up the App Store charts to reach the #1 spot just 6 weeks after launching.¹ Thanks to AppDiscovery’s efficiency in finding the right users across the globe—no matter where they live—Twisted Tangle is a top 10 app in more than 30 countries.²

Rollic has seen similar results from AppDiscovery across their portfolio, earning AppLovin the position as Rollic’s highest performing network.

In Summary

Expanded globally and unlocked new scale

Rollic acquired incremental users and eliminated the need to manage country-based campaigns by using AppDiscovery’s intelligent global campaigns.

Reduced learning phase investment

Twisted Tangle reached the top 10 in 30+ countries in record time by leveraging AppDiscovery’s advanced campaigns that were able to hit targets with a reduced learning phase and scale immediately.

AppLovin’s AI advancements have unlocked massive scaling potential

AppDiscovery’s AI advancements have transformed our approach to scaling new games by allowing us to quickly launch new campaigns with global budgets while minimizing time spent on campaign management. We can now acquire high-value users anywhere in the world using simple, automated workflows. We’ve been thrilled to see Twisted Tangle quickly climb to the top of the charts in dozens of countries, thanks to AppDiscovery.

Kutay Özer
Director of Growth, Rollic

1Sensor Tower: Australia, May 3 – June 11, 2023
2Sensor Tower: June 15, 2023

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