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A/B testing and competitive auctions yield 12% ARPDAU lift for TapNation

TapNation set up regular A/B tests in a few clicks while leveraging bidders to drive over 50% of revenue, as their game Ice Cream shot to #1 in the Google Play Store in 33 countries.


TapNation is a tech-oriented French hyper-casual games publisher that helps developers create the next hit game.


Paris, France






TapNation needed a partner to maximize LTV and help them hit the top of the charts, quickly, and profitably.

TapNation has a small team, with only one person in charge of UA & monetization at the time. After trying several other monetization platforms, they realized they needed a partner who could help grow their overall LTV and support their automation monetization technology. There was a need for an efficient A/B testing process to drive strong competition from bidders and mediated networks to achieve that goal.

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TapNation found success with in-app bidding through MAX’s competitive auctions.

TapNation moved to MAX in-app bidding and drove a 12% increase in ARPDAU. With AppLovin account team’s expert guidance, TapNation was able to find incremental lifts with several A/B tests and analyze results immediately — decreasing the amount of time spent manually optimizing their waterfall. With actionable insights and improved LTV, TapNation was able to scale Ice Cream to the top of the charts.

The Results

After integrating MAX, TapNation’s Ice Cream boosted its LTV, sending it to the top of the charts.

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With AppLovin’s proactive guidance, TapNation was able to build a competitive waterfall with the right buyers in its monetization stack, maximizing revenue for each impression. MAX proved to be the competitive advantage TapNation needed, leading to higher user LTV. TapNation also saved critical operational time by automating their waterfall optimizations through in-app bidding.


Higher revenue

By enabling Facebook Audience Network, AppLovin, and Mintegral as bidders through MAX, TapNation drove a 12% ARPDAU increase and a higher LTV for Ice Cream.

Time saved with automation

With 50% of revenue coming from in-app bidding partners and hours saved with MAX’s easy to use interface, TapNation was able to refocus on building new games — earning a competitive advantage in the hyper-casual market.

Before moving to MAX, we tested other leading mediation solutions in the market, but none of them completely matched our expectations.

MAX did very well, and is now a trusted partner that helped us achieve almost 50M downloads within the first quarter.

Anouar Benattia
Head of Monetization and User Acquisition

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