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Are You Prepared for Apple’s iOS 14.5 Updates?

Idil Canal
Mar 16, 2021

At last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced several new privacy enhancements that were expected to launch late last year.  Since then, those changes were postponed until early spring to give developers the time they need to make the necessary changes.

To help you better prepare and reduce a material drop in revenue, we have put together a checklist for developers using MAX.  

  • Update your info.plist with the SKAdNetwork IDs. Add the network’s requested SKAdNetwork IDs in your app’s info.plist using MAX’s automated ID generator. These IDs will be added automatically for MAX Unity plugin users. 
  • Optimize LAT waterfalls. Split iOS Limited Ad Tracking traffic with MAX Waterfall segmentation and create optimized waterfalls to avoid revenue loss. Publishers with optimized LAT waterfalls see a 15 to 20 percent increase in LAT revenue.
  • Start testing with the built-in MAX Consent flow.  On iOS 14.5, apps are recommended to request App Tracking Transparency authorization for IDFA access. You will be required to use this framework starting in early spring but no official deadline has been communicated yet.  It’s key that you do not prematurely implement the flow. This step is critical and when the deadline is announced, we strongly recommend that you gain consent from as many users as possible to avoid material revenue loss when ATT is fully launched.

To help you communicate consent values to your network partners and monetize effectively on iOS 14.5+, MAX provides a built-in consent flow with iOS 10.0.0 and Unity 4.0.0

Important note—since there’s little visibility into the final release date for the ATT prompt requirement, it’s critical that you do not implement the flow early, exposing all of your users to the ATT prompt. Prematurely enabling the consent flow to everyone before Apple’s official deadline will result in an immediate drop in ad revenue. 

What you need to understand about MAX consent flow:

  • You can combine the flow with your own tools or enable it as a standalone solution. Once enabled, MAX’s consent flow will be shown to all 14.5+ users. 
  • We recommend that you immediately implement and start testing the consent dialog. Do not enable it by default to all of your users—it is expected to prematurely cause immediate revenue loss. MAX ATT Consent Report can also be used in real-time to monitor the consent rate.
  • As we get closer to the official launch date that Apple will announce, you can enable MAX consent flow and gain consent from as many iOS users as possible to avoid material ad revenue loss. Read more about this feature.

It’s important you are set up for success. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team if you have questions. 

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