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AppLovin Array Expands Samsung Partnership in LATAM, Launching On Samsung Devices in Brazil

Sep 5, 2023

Array, AppLovin’s suite of solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and telecom carriers, has just expanded its strategic partnership with Samsung in Latin America to include Brazil. 

Array supports the growth of Samsung’s native app ecosystem through personalized on-device app recommendations and optimized experiences. 

Scale and performance boost user experience

Colin Behr, General Manager of Strategic Business at AppLovin, emphasized the importance of relevant app recommendations in today’s market: “In order to stay ahead, mobile manufacturers need to complement device sales with app recommendations that are helpful for consumers.” 

AppLovin’s massive scale combined with its high-performance recommendation engine mean partners working with Array gain exclusive opportunities to access and engage with high-value customers via on-device inventory, at the moment they’d most likely download new apps. Partners get smarter recommendations and a competitive edge.

The largest independent buyer in the industry

Array leverages AppLovin’s vast mobile app network, which reaches over two billion global monthly devices and includes more than 140,000 apps, together with industry-leading user acquisition and retention technologies, to continually engage new, high-value users at key points in the user journey. 

These benefits allow partners to improve customer satisfaction throughout the device lifecycle – a winning solution for OEMs, carriers, and the users who buy their devices. 

Learn how Array delivers value for mobile operators and end users by tapping into AppLovin’s massive app ecosystem!

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