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AppLovin Cares: Supporting Schools, Animals, and More

Aug 30, 2021

AppLovin Cares has been hard at work, delivering support and resources to organizations in need. We’ve supported schools, helped animals in need, and provided resources for local communities to uplift their youth members. 

Here’s our latest roundup of worthy causes and the AppLovin employees who brought these organizations to the attention of AppLovin Cares. 

Hope Technology School

Hope Technology School embodies principles that demonstrate fresh ideas about education. They foster achievement through innovation, technology, and community in a challenging academic environment. Through inclusive classes for preschool to high school, Hope Technology provides opportunities for students to learn and grow into responsible and productive members of society.  

“I am impressed by the fact that Hope Technology gives students the opportunity to be part of an inclusive community and teaches them to be independent in and out of the classroom. Traditional schools only focus on academics and have no time to develop their students’ interests or skills outside of the classroom.”—Virginia Hom, Sr. International Accounting Manager

Open Door Legal is a nonprofit, pioneering the country’s first system of universal access to civil legal services. Their goal is to provide everyone equal access to the law. Through its staff and network of lawyers and partners, Open Door Legal is able to take all cases that come its way at no cost to each client, empowering traditionally underserved communities to seek assistance resolving non-criminal matters directly impacting their quality of life. 

“San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in America, and legal representation typically comes at a cost. Routine civil matters such as housing, employment, and consumer debt comprise the majority of legal matters requiring representation, which is not government-funded. ODL’s advocacy-based model for access to equality through justice removes the cost barrier of counsel. As a fellow lawyer and San Franciscan I am truly inspired by their work.”—Lexi Binazir, Sr. Corporate & Tax Counsel


WildCare helps sick and injured animals (nearly 4,000 each year) and provides education for children and adults to understand and appreciate wildlife. They want to make sure all different species of animals can coexist and advocate for better wildlife protection and sustainability. 

“I volunteered with WildCare for almost four years as a hospital volunteer. I did everything from cleaning cages, administering medicine and physical therapy, and assembling patients’ diets. I support WildCare because we have an obligation to nurture and rehabilitate the wildlife in our backyards. I worked with countless injured animals that ran into windows, were caught in traps, or were hit by cars. These animals need us as advocates so they can thrive, so we can continue to enjoy them for generations to come!”—Amy Choi, Director of Product, Lion Studios

Mid Peninsula Boys and Girls Club

Mid Peninsula Boys and Girls Club is a Bay Area-based non-profit youth development organization with a mission of inspiring and enabling youth to reach their full potential. The organization serves over 2,000 youth across five clubhouses in eight school districts. Their programs foster mentorship and building relationships with each member by providing a nurturing and challenging atmosphere. 

“We partnered with Mid Peninsula Boys and Girls Club because we value helping the youth in our local communities achieve the futures they aspire to. Meeting the basic needs of a nutritious meal, supplies for education, and access to mentorship and support resources is critical for this.”—Alice Guillaume, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Head of SparkLabs


PiPOL stands for Pinoys in Pursuit of Learning and is a non-profit dedicated to helping Filipino youth develop a love of learning and a growth mindset. Their mission is to inspire Filipino students in public high schools to learn more about technology and provide resources to help them succeed.

“PiPOL reminded me of how privileged working in the Bay Area can be. There are so many young people, especially in the Philippines, who still don’t have access to the tools and resources necessary to grow in the STEM field.”— Sharmaine Aguilar, Product Marketing Analyst, Lion Studios

Reach out to AppLovin Cares

We’re proud to continue making AppLovin Cares an important part of our company while also highlighting the team’s hard work and effort. 
While these organizations were brought to light by AppLovin employees, anyone can reach out to AppLovin Cares to bring charitable causes to the forefront.

If you know of an organization you’d like AppLovin Cares to learn more about and possibly donate to, connect with us.

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