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AppLovin Completes Open Measurement SDK Certification with the IAB

This month we are happy to announce we released SDK v11.3.0, bringing complete and IAB Tech Lab certified OMSDK support across all formats to AppLovin Exchange (ALX) and Direct Sold campaigns on MAX

IAB’s Open Measurement SDK enables publishers to offer inventory with measurable viewability based on a single-point, standardized measurement SDK and marketers to collaborate with their preferred measurement vendor to measure campaigns. In SDK v11.3.0, you can find iOS and Android support for the following ad formats: 

  • VAST video
  • Native Display
  • HTML Display
  • Banners/MRECs,
  • Full screen graphic/display

What are the benefits of OM SDK compliance?

  • Marketers running campaigns in the AppLovin Exchange (ALX) can use OM SDK to measure viewability with any OM-supported vendors.
  • Publishers can improve yield with access to premium demand that requires OM measurement.
  • It drives and improves revenue, fostering trust and transparency between brands and convincing more advertisers that they’re reaching real people and the right target audience — and that their creatives are making a measurable impact. 
  • It provides equal data access to all vendors, streamlines data, improves accuracy, and reduces dependencies.
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