The Best Software Features for App Monetization

Doug Borghese
Aug 30, 2022
Best Software Features to Monetize Your App

Even the most seasoned developers and studios need to work hard to stay competitive in the fast-paced world of mobile apps. Making app monetization work and keeping revenues flowing can be challenging, despite the industry’s explosive growth in recent years.

With more than 3.04 million apps in the Google Play Store and around 2.09 million apps in Apple’s App Store, getting discovered is already daunting. Add to that maximizing revenue, maintaining your app, and the never-ending quest of understanding users’ LTVs.

App monetization platforms are a comprehensive way for publishers to optimize their advertising strategies and ultimately make more money. So what are some of the most important features in an app monetization platform that can help solve these challenges?

What to look for in an app monetization platform

Industry-leading solutions should help streamline tedious processes through automation and help you better understand your target audience — both of which are key to helping you delight your users, grow your user base, and grow your profits.

The best monetization software automates waterfalls, leverages the efficiencies of in-app bidding, and enables publishers to test different ad creatives and monetization strategies to see which perform best. It allows publishers to grow their apps and improve overall profits for their business.

A better app monetization strategy

A software solution can optimize time-consuming tasks and help drive efficiency. Here are important capabilities to look for in order to optimize monetization and grow your apps. A solution should:

  • Provide deep, granular data: Full transparency into data helps you identify opportunities for growth; for example, the impact of a new feature on your LTV curve. 
  • Automate your waterfalls: Save time on set-up. In-app bidding provides an automated alternative to manually-managed waterfalls.
  • Learn from user-level analytics: Understand user-level metrics; for example, engagement levels by users’ locations. 
  • Make integration easy: Is the process to integrate with third-party resources streamlined? For instance, can the software integrate with your app development software in just a few clicks?
  • Test and analyze: Set up A/B tests quickly to gain insights and see granular reports to understand the value of each impression.
  • Protect the user experience: Certain software features can identify and block unwanted ads that disrupt your user experience.

Trust app monetization to MAX

As you’re evaluating different app monetization software solutions, be sure to consider MAX.

When it comes to monetizing apps, AppLovin’s MAX ensures there’s no compromising revenue growth, efficiency, and user experience. Drive the highest yield for your ad space by putting it up for auction in the most competitive and diverse marketplace for in-app advertising – and then use that revenue to attract and retain more app users, with AppLovin’s 360-degree mobile ecosystem. By using ad revenue to fund ad spend and power discoverability, you can create a virtuous cycle that exponentially grows your business.

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