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Connects Bangkok: Inaugural Event Focused on AI and the Future of Mobile Apps

Feb 15, 2024
Connects Bangkok 2024 with AppLovin, Adjust and Sparklabs

AppLovin, along with Adjust and SparkLabs, hosted the first-ever Connects event in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit. Part of a series of in-person local events highlighting key industry insights and updates, January’s milestone gathering drew industry leaders from Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and Thailand. The focus? The transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in shaping the future of mobile apps.

The AppLovin and Adjust teams greet guests at Connects Bangkok

The day-long event explored the trends that are shaping the mobile industry today, focusing on the impact of generative AI. Kae Mochida, Senior Marketing Manager who works closely with Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea, set the tone with a heartfelt welcome, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their presence and eagerness to explore the potential of AI’s influence on the mobile app landscape.

Accelerating Growth with AppDiscovery’s AI Advancements

Alex Li, AppLovin’s Senior Director of Global Non-Gaming, took the stage to discuss how AI can accelerate growth, emphasizing the precision and efficiency that new tools, like the AI-based advertising engine powering AppDiscovery, bring to the table. Li’s message was clear: What once took a month or more to accomplish can now see significant improvement within two weeks, proving AI’s transformative potential.

Future-Proofing Growth – Harnessing Next-Gen App Measurement Tools

The conversation then shifted towards privacy and measurement in the evolving digital landscape, with Manish Wali, Head of Inside Sales APAC at Adjust, exploring the challenges and opportunities of adapting your measurement in a privacy-centric world. Wali’s insights highlighted the importance of long-term thinking and strategic planning, underscoring Adjust’s attribution solutions as a cornerstone for future success.

Manish Wali of Adjust discusses Future-Proofing Growth - Harnessing Next-Gen App Measurement Tools
at Connects Bangkok.

App Growth in 2024 – Tapping New-age Tools in UA & Measurement

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion featuring industry leaders like Varun Krishna, Trish Dang, Sachin Gupta, and Manish Wali, moderated by Alex Li. The dialogue centered on how non-gaming app businesses achieve remarkable growth through AI. Despite the challenges of saturation in traditional UA channels, the panelists shared how AI tools have revolutionized their strategies, enabling them to discover new growth avenues, optimize campaigns, and improve cost-effectiveness. This session not only introduced the practical applications of AI, it showcased the collaborative spirit of industry leaders in navigating the path to innovation.

A panel discussion at Connects Bangkok features Varun Krishna, Trish Dang, Sachin Gupta, and Manish Wali, moderated by Alex Li. The panel discussed the ways AI tools are impacting growth for non-gamingapps.

Crafting Better Performance Ads with SparkLabs

Jessica Dolan of SparkLabs captivated the audience with a presentation on driving creativity in ad production through AI. Dolan’s experiences illustrated how AI tools have redefined the boundaries of creative operations, enabling her team to elevate their work without expanding their budgets. By harnessing AI, they were able to transcend traditional constraints, achieve scalability, and deliver better campaign performance. Dolan carefully reminded us of the importance of human insight, advocating for a balanced approach where AI’s capabilities are complemented by expert judgment.

The event ended on a high note at the Altitude Rooftop & Bar, where attendees enjoyed international cuisine and cocktails under the stars. This networking session provided a unique opportunity for guests to engage with peers, discuss the day’s insights, and speculate on the future trajectories of mobile app development and the broader digital ecosystem.

Attendees network and enjoy cocktails at the Altitude Rooftop & Bar after a day of informative sessions at Connects Bangkok.

Connects Bangkok was a great event to kick off the year, showing that when technology meets creativity, strategy, and human insight, the possibilities are endless. If you want to be part of the conversations that shape the industry’s future, join us for a future Connects event

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