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Google to join the 20+ SDK bidders available through MAX – a major step forward for the mobile app ecosystem

Jul 28, 2022

Today, we’re excited to announce that Google is joining MAX as an SDK bidder in the real-time bidding (RTB) unified auction, giving MAX users — who already benefit from the largest selection of network bidders and DSPs — access to quality demand from Google with the scale of an enhanced, fair, and transparent auction environment.

What this means for app developers

Expanded Google Ads Access

While app developers have always been able to access Google demand via traditional waterfall setups, soon they will be able to access Google demand through MAX’s unified auction as an in-app bidder and reduce operations overhead.

Improved Ad Revenue

If you’re monetizing through MAX via in-app bidding, you will soon have the chance for Google Demand to compete in real-time for more of your impressions, leading to improved monetization opportunities, increased auction competitiveness, and increased revenue.

This gives app developers a greater opportunity to monetize app inventory and increase ad revenue by allocating impressions to the highest paying demand source based on real-time pricing information — and help deliver a better fill rate, purchase inventory at the highest bidding price, and grow ad space value.

Simplified Operations

With the option to access Google demand as a bidder, you can reduce ad operations overhead, decrease transaction latency, and leverage Google demand more efficiently.

AppLovin and Google have long been committed to making bidding a reality –– moving the industry towards unified fair and efficient auctions that will push our ecosystem forward. Now, we’re so excited to partner together to continue these efforts to drive more revenue for our publishers in a fair, transparent auction and continue to advance choice and competition in the mobile ecosystem. MAX supports the AppLovin Exchange (ALX) –– the largest real-time bidding exchange –– plus more than 25 Officially Supported SDK Networks and now 20+ In-App Bidders.

We are thrilled to partner with Google as they continue their expansion into real-time bidding and drive more value for publishers on our platform. Google bidding is in closed beta on AppLovin with limited availability –– please reach out to your account team for more information and qualifications for joining the beta.

Learn more about MAX and in-app bidding

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