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A Must-Watch Video: How In-App-Bidding Helps You Ship Games Faster and Maximize Revenue

Dec 18, 2020

What’s the one thing everyone probably wished they had more of? That’s right… time! There never seems to be enough of it and for game developers who are moving quickly and want to ship their games even faster, knowing the right strategies and tools to drive profits are crucial. 

In our first-ever webinar with experts in Turkey, we discuss how in-app bidding empowers developers to maximize LTV (lifetime value) by automating manual work. This frees up time so developers can focus on building, testing, and launching great games. 

This session is led by Berkay Barutcu, AppLovin’s Business Development Analyst, along with guests:

Tune in and watch the latest tips about growth from knowledgeable developers from Suji Games and insights from in-app bidders such as Facebook Audience Network and AdColony. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Selecting a full-stack monetization platform to boost LTV and enable growth for your business. 
  • How Suji Games is able to test games quickly and launch chart-topping hit games.
  • Increasing efficiency to earn more with partners like AppLovin and Facebook Audience Network by implementing in-app bidding. 
  • Driving incremental revenue gains through MAX A/B testing. 

Ibrahim referred to the technology that allows developers to automate the monetization process, saying, “The fact that in-app bidding technologies and solutions have become more advanced allows [our studio] to focus on a game and develop it. Therefore, it enables us to generate maximum income with minimum resources.” 

Want to improve profits and save time? Sign up to watch our webinar that shows you how to streamline profits and launch your games faster.

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