MAX In-App Bidding is the Future of Mobile Monetization

Idil Canal
Sep 12, 2019
MAX in-app bidding

In September 2018, AppLovin acquired MAX with the mission to deliver effective in-app bidding technology to market. Since then, the MAX team has been busy working with a select group of publishers collecting feedback, iterating, and building a monetization platform to help mobile gaming publishers maximize the value of their inventory.

Now after almost a year of hard work, we are proud to officially launch MAX by AppLovin, an in-app bidding-based monetization solution built for the unique needs of today’s mobile game publishers.

MAX In-App Bidding strengthens the entire mobile gaming ecosystem 

In-app bidding is an imperative catalyst for the mobile industry. Mobile publishers are in desperate need of a compelling alternative that will move them beyond monetization products that are archaic, indistinguishable from the competition, and biased toward their own demand.

“MAX is the vehicle for today’s mobile gaming publishers to get to the next era of monetization faster and with ease.”

MAX’s goal is to strengthen the entire mobile ecosystem, and AppLovin’s massive platform will allow it to have a lasting impact. AppLovin works with close to 90% of the top mobile gaming companies from around the world, reaches over 300 million daily active users, and drives over one billion installs for gaming companies each year. AppLovin has been the critical growth engine for mobile game developers around the world and the introduction of MAX will grow the entire mobile ecosystem by helping publishers increase revenue, allowing them to build better games and grow their businesses. 

We believe that when mobile game developers succeed, so do we. 

MAX challenges the status quo  

The evolving needs of mobile game publishers require faster, innovative, and differentiated tools. MAX does all this on top of giving game developers access to powerful features that increase revenue and provide valuable insights. With MAX, you get:

  • In-depth API reports and granular performance statistics
  • Full transparency into the value of every request and demand partner
  • Diversified demand and maximized CPMs through a unified competitive auction
  • Built-in A/B testing capability that lets you instantly optimize your monetization setup

A successful monetization platform demands relentless effort and a clear understanding of a partner’s needs. With MAX, AppLovin is challenging and changing the status quo in mobile ad monetization.

MAX drives results

Since MAX’s invite-only beta launched, it has quickly become our partners’ preferred monetization solution. With increased competition and equal access to each impression, publishers using MAX have been able to drive a sizable and sustainable lift to average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU). 

Here’s what our early adopters are saying about MAX.

“MAX is great for seamless mediation of multiple networks for banners, interstitials, and rewarded video. Managing multiple placements per network—especially when paired with the header bidding partners like AppLovin’s own network—has been a great way for us to get more frequent and higher bids on our inventory and increased ad revenues. When we made the switch to MAX, we saw a near-immediate increase of 35% in ad revenue without any dip in retention. Since layering more ad networks into MAX, that lift is up to 50%. Our business has fundamentally changed for the better since switching to MAX.”

Nicholas Talarico, Founder and CEO, Super Lucky Casino

As we continue opening up MAX to more publishers, we remain committed to building products with speed, performance, and scalability in mind. 

If you’re interested in submitting your game(s) for review, apply now and learn about how MAX helped these developers increase revenue and reduce operational costs.

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