MAX Power Forward: Driving Incremental Revenue

Doug Borghese
Dec 14, 2022

It’s been an exciting year for AppLovin’s MAX mobile mediation platform. With a slew of new features and toolsets having been introduced in 2022 — we are committed to helping you drive more incremental revenue with AppLovin MAX.

With that in mind, our AppLovin experts are on deck to share some of the biggest features we shipped this year, and how they can help you grow your business in the new year with our new Power Forward series.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the video above, in which Alice Liu — VP of Product at AppLovin — shows us how more competitive auctions and new supply opportunities will help you scale your monetization.

New SDK Bidders

MAX has added several new SDK bidders— including Google Bidding (in beta), Criteo, MobileFuse, and BidMachine — to the unified auction. More bidders increases auction competition and decreases latency which results in significant revenue gains for publishers. Additionally, bidding reduces the manual overhead needed for managing waterfalls because SDK bidding happens in real-time.

With MAX’s flexibility to monetize with both bidding and non-bidding networks, you can also prioritize A/B testing bidding networks vs. non-bidding networks to determine which performs best for your app.

Introducing The AppLovin Exchange

We launched the AppLovin Exchange (ALX), the largest real-time bidding exchange in the industry, which opens your app inventory to demand from more than 100 premium, diverse DSPs. In addition to AppDiscovery, our premium ad network, ALX further increases auction competitiveness by adding these high-quality bidders to your demand pool without the need for additional development work. ALX also diversifies the ad mix to the end user with brand campaigns from top advertisers, improving ad engagement and overall user experience.

Custom Network Support

We also give devs the flexibility to work with any of their preferred networks that aren’t represented in our list of supported networks on MAX. Through this, your ad monetization setup can be completely customized to fit the needs of your app business. Custom networks empowers you to set up your ad stack exactly the way you’d like and drives more competitive auctions to maximize ad revenue.

Learn more about activating custom networks within MAX here

Direct Sold is a GO!

Direct Sold campaigns have been brought into MAX, which allows you to build custom campaigns directly with brands, advertisers, and your own demand campaigns within the unified auction.

Advertiser-direct, promotional/cross-promotional, and backfill campaigns are all part of Direct Sold campaigns, and all make sure all of your ad impressions are used to drive the most value back to your apps. In the case of promo campaigns, they can be run to compete with other demand sources in the unified auction. This allows you to leverage data from your app to refine targeting, tailor towards an audience you know will engage, and drive a higher return through IAPs and other in-app actions.

Watch more about Direct Sold here

Ad Mix and Management Overhaul

MAX’s ad mix offering has been expanded, creating more opportunities for scaling your app business through new formats and ad placements.

  • Native ads are a versatile way to help you drive higher engagement by blending content seamlessly into the layout of your app
  • We have flexible options for integrations
    • Use pre-designed templates or custom layouts to design ad placements consistent with the look and feel of your apps
    • Our Ad Placer API makes inserting ads into in-app feeds much easier, making latency a non-issue and creating a better experience for all of your users

Incremental revenue to 360 Degrees of Growth

Our own Alice Liu sums it up best, so we’ll let her explain how these MAX updates help drive your app and your business toward an ever-increasing state of growth:

“With these MAX updates fundamentally improving auction competition and supply growth, you’re able to drive more incremental revenue to invest back into your UA. This creates self-perpetuating growth which helps your business thrive.

“This is our goal, because when our publishers win, AppLovin wins, and we grow together.

Thanks for watching and reading about our first entry into the MAX Power Forward series. Stay tuned for more, and check out MAX today.

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