Running Direct-to-Advertiser Campaigns with MAX Direct Sold

Doug Borghese
Jun 30, 2022

AppLovin’s MAX — a versatile monetization solution with the most competitive and diverse programmatic auctions for in-app inventory — now supports Direct Sold campaigns. Direct Sold provides publishers the ability to set up and report on several different campaign types, but the ones we’re focusing on here are direct-to-advertiser campaigns — campaigns that are negotiated independently between publishers and advertisers.

Direct-to-advertiser campaigns are typically priced at a premium, but they still compete in the unified auction so the highest bidder wins (unless they’re prioritized over the auction to help meet impression goals). This allows for a more flexible approach that can be tailored to meet specific publisher and advertiser goals.

Here’s how running a direct-to-advertiser campaign with Direct Sold translates to success for publishers and their advertising partners.

Increase ad revenue through advertiser premiums and advanced targeting

Direct Sold allows publishers to run highly targeted direct-to-advertiser campaigns right alongside the networks in MAX’s unified auction. Through this, publishers tend to achieve a higher ad space premium in exchange for a guaranteed impression goal for the advertiser.

Expand revenue and engagement opportunities with full ad format support

Direct Sold supports banner (for both phones and tablets)/MREC, interstitial, rewarded, and native ads. This, combined with its advanced user targeting, ensures publishers will help advertisers reach and engage the right users, at the right time in their app experience, with the right ads.

Gain important insights with reports on Direct Sold performance

Campaigns can be reported in the MAX dashboard and through the reporting API so revenue data is captured by publishers along with ad creative-level performance data. This allows publishers to report goals and insights to advertisers in as timely and accurate a manner as possible.

Boost user engagement for full-screen creatives

Direct Sold campaigns provide customization for delaying the appearance of the skip and close buttons on ads (on interstitial and rewarded video) so that advertisers can trust a guaranteed minimum view time.

Time to set up a direct-to-advertiser campaign for your ad space? Start using Direct Sold on MAX today.

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